Day 293: Can you guess what I did on wednesday?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you answered PT and Dancing…

you would be right too…I did do PT and dancing! And they were both awesome!

You probably got that too…

PT was crazy, and I danced a lot…

ok…that one too…

well I am going to tel you about it anyway!

Do you remember the time I knew a girl from Mars? (Girl from Mars by Ash)

no…hang on that is not where I was going with this…

not a gym card
not a gym card

Do you remember day 245 when I tried to get into the gym with my tesco clubcard?Β well you’d think I would have learned from that mistake wouldn’t you?

well I didn’t.

Again, on Wednesday morning, I tried to get into the gym with my clubcard, only to have the girl hand it back to me saying “that is not us”

Once I had finally got into the gym, and warmed up mat said “we are going to do some crossfit style things today…”

the first part was cardio, which he cut in half to stop me killing him… half was 1 min as fast as possible on the bike, the second was on the treadmill…I think he knew he was on to a loser with that one when I told him about the clubcard to be honest! He might have got me on a treadmill on an awake day…

Next olympic lifting: all with th 20kg bar:
8 x deadlifts,
8 x clean and press,
8 x snatches
all following directly on from each other, no break.

reverse flyTRX:
8 x jack-knife pressups
8 x muscle ups
8 x reverse flys
again all following on from each other

8 x double handed swing (16kg)
8 x high pull per arm (8kg)
8 x high pull per arm (12kg)
8 xΒ clean and press per arm (8kg)
again all following straight on.

In case you are wondering why I got to do high pulls twice, when I did them with the 8kg, Matt decided it was a bit light, which it was really, but I had already started so I had to finish and I also had to make both sides even…

After all this we spent more time on boxing / kickboxing than we have done recently, which was good πŸ™‚ we spent some time working on making sure my foot work was correct (something I tend to neglect) and then built up the combos πŸ™‚

I had remembered I was energetic by the time Matt added in kicks…and he got kicked reasonably hard, because it is good exercise…and not in any way any sort of pay back for continuous clean and presses into snatches! not at all!

hehe back fist πŸ™‚

we also added in backfists πŸ˜€ not something we do very often, but I do like it! It is good and hard, and involves barely controlled flinging about of my arms…something I am good at!!

it is the controlled bit that is harder…but possible πŸ˜‰

much to the surprise of us both, no one got hurt, despite the arm flinging, kicking and general making up of combos that are barely memorable at that time in the morning!

all rounded off with stretching, and me asking for a job…once I am qualified… you never know until you ask πŸ™‚

This craziness gave way to work, and a pleasant walk in my lunchbreak, a relatively calm day after such a crazy start…

the evening was not so calm πŸ˜€

fun and merriment all around :-)
fun and merriment all around πŸ™‚

there were many many dances!!

as last week, we were practicing for the Kings Men Story which is the story of the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire.

Legend has it, they were a warband belonging to a king who attacked a village protected by a witch, much to the annoyance of the witch!
and we all know you shouldn’t annoy a witch…she turned everyone to stone and now they only occasionally get to dance.

that story makes more sense when we tell it I promise!

I danced:
Our Henry, Star of the County Down, Maiden castle, Witch Hunt, Standing Stones, Broomstick, Hunting dance x 2, triskele, earth mother x 2, fanny frail.

Day 293 complete πŸ˜€

5 thoughts on “Day 293: Can you guess what I did on wednesday?

  1. I had a “clubcard” moment too. I tried to pay in Macy’s with my Safeway clubcard. They’re both red. Why so fussy? You and Nancy make me feel tired. I think I’ll go back to bed! 😦


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