Day 294 – 297 Level 2 gym instructor is what I am!!

Woooooooohooooooooo 😀 😀

Ok…I am skipping straight to the end of the story, but the title was one big spoiler anyway so I don’t care!!

I did not get a merit badge...I did get a qualification though so it is all good!
I did not get a merit badge…I did get a qualification though so it is all good!

On Sunday I had my Gym Instructor (Level 2) Assessment, and I PASSED! Not only did I pass, but I got a Merit on both the portfolio and the actual instructing! Wooohooo Happy dance in progress!!

Well It is in progress in my head as I am actually at work…

OK…more of that later…

workouts since last Thursday

Day 294 (Thursday) and Day 295 (Friday) 

these get a joint entry because I did the same thing…well a similar thing. I did the Jillian MichaeIMG_3086[1]ls No more trouble Zones on Thursday and Banish Fat Boost Metabolism on Friday. I know it is slightly a cop out doing DVD work outs two days in a row, but I was extremely busy finishing (starting) my portfolio for my assessment on sunday…

There have been a lot of things going on recently so time had run away from me a little bit and sometimes you just have to go with what you can fit in so DVDs which don’t involve a drive to get anywhere were the order of the day (s).

Slight cop out maybe…but not easy! It is possible that I was especially tired these two days, but I really really didn’t want to finish the dvds I managed to trick myself into finishing them on both occasions mind you and I am glad I did 😀

Day 296 (Saturday)

Saturday was a day of practice and writing out of endless session plans.

(a session plan is an instruction sheet for every exercise used and every stretch…I apparently feel the need to write these in very great detail…It must be the technical author side of me showing through)

this is where we were...
this is where we were…

Anyway practice: I arranged to meet my guinea pig friend at the gym nearest my house and we went through the whole program from start to finish so I could practice the things I needed to say and we could get a better idea of what was going on! It was quite a useful session because not only did we get to practice, but one of the people working out in the gym happened to teach Level 2 gym instructor and he came over to give me pointers on the spotting technique which is a major sticking point for some people apparently.

Not only did we practice it, but we did the program…It took us ages!

this is the program I wrote for my assessment…not what I would normally do, but it made a change…


It was the first time for a while I have done a traditional gym program like this, but it made a change…I did substitute some of the machines for free weights so we could get stuff done at the same time. I chose clean and presses over shoulder press (who wouldn’t??) I also discovered that on the leg press machine, I can push 140 kg which I am pretty impressed with…by my calculations this means I should be able to squat 45 kg…but I am not sure it always works like that…
I even did Rowing (500 m as fast as possible) and 5 min sprint intervals on the cross trainer!

Anyway, we spent 2.5hrs in the gym on Saturday morning…not working out constantly, but there was certainly enough working out done 🙂

Day 297 (Sunday)

I had a late finish on Saturday (1am bedtime) getting everything done for my portfolio, but it meant I had nothing left to do on Sunday morning! As I didn’t have to be in Portsmouth until 12:30, I decided that Pilates was in order! I dragged took Jen along with me and we headed down to Portsmouth straight afterwards.

I am not sure I would go if this was the advert...
I am not sure I would go if this was the advert…

I decided that if I didn’t go, I would just sit at home getting worried about being assessed. Pilates was just the thing to take my mind off it. It worked too, after the first few minutes I was all Pilates-y and hardly thinking about my assessment at all…

apart from the bits where I named all the muscles and body movements in my head as we used them…shhh!

It was an awesome Pilates class!

Sarah had altered the format again, and added in some new moves, making the while thing quite challenging 😀

We then headed down to Portsmouth and only almost got lost on the way to a place I had been too 3 times before… (shh I have no sense of direction…at all)

this is where I had my assessment
this is where I had my assessment

Anyway, I arrived early enough to do all my equipment checks and last minute sorting out and have a coffee!

I was nervous and confident at the same time. It is impossible not to be nervous when you are being assessed for something but I knew really that I knew what I was doing!

I remembered my muscles, managed not to drop anything on Jen and kept a straight face when I said the treadmill was a good thing to go on!  I also according to my feedback had a good manner and communication skills and explained things well without going on too much 😀

all In all…A pretty good weekend 😀

days 294 – 297 Complete 😀 😀

next stop personal trainer!!

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