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Day 297: Body Pump 89 Killer(s) bicep track

pump 89ok…I couldn’t help myself there sorry… terrible puns are the name of the game today!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the newest body pump release…the music for the bicep track is by The Killers 😀 it is also a killer track…but helped immensely by good music!

all in all I like then new release, I played it safe with my weights more or less because you never know what you should use until you have tried out the tracks, I took 2kg off my squat and chest and bicep weights but I added 5kg to my back weight.

ready to go :-D

ready to go 😀

This release does not have clean and presses in the back track so you can go heavy. I used 18 kg for the back track as opposed to the 13 or 15 kg I have been using… It has a new to body pump addition of the squat press using a plate mind you…however, I think this could be a problem because using a 5kg plate for a squat press is quite easy and two 5kg plates are too bulky to hold properly…I foresee myself dropping one on my head! I am sure we will come up with something…

the bicep track is crazy…the Killers is appropriate because it is hard work.. it has a whole new combo in it which hurt my brain! Or possibly I was to busy singing along to the music to listen to Sarah properly…

All in all it is a good release, and it is (nearly) always nice to have a change 😀

Day 297 Complete 😀


  1. Need to get back to my BodyPump soon. between sickness and travel it’s been forever. They were doing a mash-up of different tracks from different releases those last two times I went earlier in the month – so I never did get to see what the last release was all about (the one you complained about triceps on). I’ll definitely hit in time for release 89.


  2. I’ve never tried body pump. Always thought it would be good to add to my exercise routine but my gym doesn’t have a daytime class on the days I’m not at work and I can’t go in the evenings. Maybe one day.


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