Day 298: PBs all over the place!!

Yesterday was a day of PBs…. and today is my Birthday so excuse me if I get a bit over excited! (and confusing as it is today but I am writing about yesterday)

PB = Paddington Bear
PB = Paddington Bear

Anyway…on to the PBs..

we all know what PBs are don’t we….that’s right…Paddington Bears!!!

Ok…not Paddington Bears but I couldn’t resist the temptation to put up a picture of him…he is my favourite childhood bear friend!

any way…PBs…of the exercise related lifting things up and putting them down again variety. Yesterday involved 5 PBs and 2 almost PBs hehehe woohoo!!

IN case you hadn’t guessed it was PT day yesterday, it all started well, I remembered which card to use to get into the gym and everything. A definite plus at that time in the morning!

After a warm up and a chat about passing assessments (woohoo) we started the session with boxing for a change. we did a few rounds of combos with defence and counters and what not thrown in.

We did this for about 10 mins when Matt decided we were going to embark on a game of “how much can Sam lift up and put down again”

This is possibly because last week I mentioned my 50kg deadlifts and wanted to see them for himself.

This much...on each end of an olympic graduating onto grown up weights!!
This much…on each end of an olympic bar…70kg…like graduating onto grown up weights!!

So that is what we did first, 5 x 50 kg deadlifts
because I did this with apparent ease, Matt decided that I could do 60kg…so I did 5 of them, considerably easier than I expected…which of course led to Matt thinking I could do more…which led to 70kg 😀 so that was PB number 1 (well sort of number 1 and 2 but I am counting it as 1)  deadlift 70kg (154lbs)

I think I want to start measuring things in lbs…it sounds so much more impressive…

Following this, was a series of moving around, from bar to squat rack to bar adding weight until I had got PBs for squats, Cleans Push press,  and almost a row…almost because I only manage what could really be described as 3/4 a row.
Squat 50kg (8 @ 20kg, 5@40kg, 3 @50kg)
Straight legged Deadlift 60kg (5@ 60 kg)
Clean 30kg
Push Press 30kg (5@20 kg, 5 @30kg)
Bench press 40kg (equal to existing)
Row almost 50kg so annoyingly close!!

I also did 8 x overhead squats and 3 x jump to dip with a tuck hold…even though the dip was still only the down phase…and one almost up phase.

In the middle of all that somewhere we did some more boxing…because that is what you need to do in the middle of heavy lifting…go off and do some boxing!!

All in all it was awesome! It left me completely knackered in an odd sort of way, differently tired to normal but also…really really over excited!! 😀

Day 298 Complete 😀 😀


13 thoughts on “Day 298: PBs all over the place!!

  1. First off… HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!!!

    Secondly – holy cow on the lifting! You are a beast!! I am motivated to go see how much I can increase my lifting (which I’ve been woefully absent from doing at all). Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. 😀 thank you

      I was shocked at how much I could improve by! Matt had far more faith in me than I did!

      It is awesome and makes you feel very over excited…and surprisingly not as achy as I expected!


  2. First: Happy belated birthday!

    Second: WooHoo! on all those PB’s. You can deadlift more than I weigh! I think the heaviest I’ve been for anything was 70kg for a leg press. My deadlift is only 24kg but it was a kettlebell and my PT makes me stand on boxes, so that I put the kettlebell down between them, because my hamstrings are so flexible. That said, I could probably lift heavier but I have a funny back (old trampolining injury) and it siezes if I do too much with it – great for getting out of crunches/sit ups etc 🙂

    Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration to me and many more.


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