Day 300 & 301 Walking and Running

Eeek Long weekend…playing catch-up again!

Day 300 (Thursday)

5 hrs 39 mins is not enough sleep
5 hrs 39 mins is not enough sleep

Maybe it was all the Paddington Bear excitement, maybe it was the excessive amount of dancing, or maybe it was the fact that I had very twitchy legs on Wednesday night therefore didn’t sleep particularly well…

What ever the reason…Thursday was a “walk only” day…

I was sleepy and weary and a walk fit into my activity very well without going crazy!

It was a 45 min walk mind you so it is definitely a deliberate activity, and, as always it was a good excuse to get out of the office.

The1000 miles other thing that this walk heralded was my 1000 miles “badge” on the fitbit!

Which means…that since I got the my fitbit, in the middle of July last year, I have walked (run, danced…) 1000 miles… (if only I had started on  my way to mordor earlier)

I am pretty pleased with this… but am aiming to get the next 1000 miles done even quicker! 😀

(also…day 300! woohoo 65 to go…)

Day 310 (Friday)

If Thursday was a walk day, Friday was very definitely a run day!

I hadn’t run for 2 weeks, and there is a looming 10k so it was about time I got my arse into gear and got myself back out there!

shiny new app!
shiny new app!

I had also promised myself (and the world) that I was going to try out the new 10k training app found by Nancy at My Year[s] Of Sweat

so off I went, over to the downs link path to run about on a very lovely friday afternoon!

As I have been doing some training I started off the app on week 6 day 3…which is ominous as the 10k is in 1 week…but shhh! It consisted of 5 x 5 min intervals and 2 6 min intervals separated by 1 min walks with a 5 min warm up and cool down at either end.

Well…a warm up at one end and a cool down at the other end…having both at each end would be self defeating and kinda strange…

IMG_3646[1]anyway…it was not a bad run! I confess to taking a couple of extra walk breaks and feeling quite tired towards the end!

it was supposed to be a 53 min run which was quite a lot after a 2 week break. especially when the ones before that have only been 40 mins or so.

Despite that, I didn’t feel as bad as I expected to, I was quicker than I expected and I even extended the run beyond the end of the program because I wasn’t back at the start yet. That is why my strava run in longer the run the app recorded…at 6.5km it is the furthest I have run for ages (since July 2010 to be exact).

As normal my pace was all over the place, but I am working on it! 🙂 and for the first run for 2 weeks, I am very pleased 😀

As far as the new app (Run Coach) goes, I like it, it has sensible intervals and good length runs, the chap telling me when to run and wen to walk was nice and clear, the only thing I could have done with was a halfway point warning, but that is only because I was doing a there and back run. It does have a timeline bar that tells you how far along the run you are mind you…all I had to do is keep an eye on it and turn around when it is at the middle…I just got it wrong. 🙂

Day 300 & 301 complete 😀

17 thoughts on “Day 300 & 301 Walking and Running

  1. Congratulations on being in the 300’s — you’re in the home stretch now!

    And I’m getting queasy just thinking about your 10k. It’s in a week… WHAT?? :-S You are crazy, my friend!


      1. I am hoping to do up to 8 or 9 km by Friday (hopefully 7-8 tomorrow, 8-9 friday) after that I will just wing it! There is nothing else I can do! I have to rest sat and do yoga or something. I am going to download an interval timer and plan myself 7min intervals or so for long enough to see me round…I think I need to have planned intervals 🙂


      2. my last run on Saturday, I ran 5 mins to start, but then after that I did a max of 1:30 run for every 1 min walk right through (and often 1 run/1walk), and my pace was my fastest to date. I think that when I do those longer run intervals what happens is that the 1 min recovery walk isn’t enough for me to catch my breath and so my next run interval is slower, defeating the purpose.

        When my lungs are clear, I plan to test just a pure 1:30 run / 1 min walk (or maybe 2 min run / 1 min walk) for the entire duration of say 8-10 kms and see what pace I get. I suspect it will be faster than a 7-8 min run / 1 min walk. I know I walk fast (see my 10k all walk pace time was 8:37…) so as long as I don’t over-tire myself with longer runs than my body can handle, I should be able to sprint for a minute or so, then walk really fast, and so on — hopefully finishing with a 7:40’ish overall pace (or better, fingers crossed). I’d really like to finish a 10k in 75 mins or less.


      3. That sounds like a good plan, I am the same with the longer intervals, I did a run yesterday and was really consistent pace, ran all the intervals (6 and 7 mins) more or less and actually felt comfortable doing it but was really slow 9:10 overall. Oddly I felt better towards the end of the run! I wish I had time to try the shorter intervals too…I think my plan will be ruined by the hills anyway though


  2. Congratulations on your 6.5 km run. Don’t worry if you don’t get a long run in between now and Sunday, it probably won’t help this late in the day. In fact, for all of my 10k runs (1 a year since 2009) I’ve always had a forced running break for 2 weeks before as the 10k is at the beginning of August and I don’t do running training during school holidays, which start in the last 2 weeks of July. Somehow I still manage to get round. If you can get to 7km, you can finish. Intervals are a good idea. I ran my PB in Sheffield last September on 5 minute run intervals with 1 minute walk (and a toilet break in the middle). Good luck!

    Which fitbit do you have? I’ve been looking at it to replace my fitbug but keep dithering about whether or not to go for it.


    1. Thanks 🙂 I am definitely going to follow your advice and set myself an interval plan 🙂
      I have the fitbit force, I ordered it from America and I love it but now it is giving me skin irritation and the whole lot have need recalled by the company 😦 I had the flex before that and I really liked it, but have got used to having a screen so now I don’t know what to replace it with!


      1. I was looking at the fitbit flex, I’m guessing it’s like the force but without the display. I have a fitbug air at the moment but it’s just a pedometer and doesn’t measure sleep patterns and I think that would be useful. I’ve been looking at the fitbug orb which can be worn on a wristband or in a pocket. Maybe I’ll stick with fitbug since I’ve been using them for a while.


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