Day 304: Consistency is a good thing…isn’t it?


After my disastrous run on Sunday, and with the 10k still looming, I needed a good run on Monday to make myself feel better about the whole thing πŸ™‚

And you know what…that is exactly what I had!

I am sure there is a psychological aspect to this running thing…

OK I know there is, and I know that there are probably hundreds of running blogs out there that explore just that phenomenon! this however isn’t one of them… this is just a report on my awesome run πŸ˜€ which nearly went a little pear shaped…but I will come to that…

the other way along the path for a change
the other way along the path for a change

It was mid afternoon on a bank holiday Monday that had so far been filled with moving boxes from one loft to another, an activity that made me very pleased that I can now lift heavy things above my head. I decided to head down to Southwater and run along the downs link path.

For an added bit of variety I headed the opposite way to normal and ran towards (and in fact all the way to) Christs Hospital, another local village that houses a private school of some repute.

I was still using the Run Coach app with its longer overall runs but shorter intervals. This run was a combination of 3 x 6 min intervals followed by 4 x 7 min intervals separated by 1 min walks. I surprised myself by completing all of the 6 min runs without walking when I shouldn’t! I felt awful in the first two, breathing felt difficult and my legs hurt, but byΒ the third one I used the trick I used when I was starting, of breathing in for a set number of paces and out for a set number of paces…it seemed to work.



Or something seemed to work anyway because my breathing sorted its self out, my legs just accepted things and I carried on!

about half way through the first 7 min interval I had to turn around, and decided to take a couple of pics which constituted a walk break and I did carry on and walk for about 30s or so but then got back on with the running and managed to carry on!

I ran the second and third 7 mins without stopping but the last one was where I met a snag…

I was overawed at the fact that I felt better at the end of the run than the start, I could carry on and didn’t need to keep stopping…this was unheard of for me…

Gradually however, I was struck by the fact that I very much needed the loo!! This fact was very distracting towards that last few minutes of my run and somewhat destroyed my calm and consistent pace! Until I noticed this, i had been intending to carry the run on for a bit longer after the training program had ended just to see how far I could go…I unfortunately had to make a rapid detour into the pub that was (luckily) at the carpark where I had started the run!



When I looked at my stats after this, I discovered that my pace was much more consistent than normal, and my split times were pretty equal apart from the end where (as I ave mentioned) things went a little wrong!

with one blip, where I can only assume I flew, my pace was much more even than it normally is, with the slight drawback that it was slower than usual too…

However, I think My looming 10k is going to be beaten by consistency, and me not feeling like I am going to die and if nothing else this run has shown me that it is possible for (even) me to run and feel fairly comfortable doing it!! πŸ˜€

This 10k might not be my downfall after all…

*Might* not be…the chances are still fairly slim…

Day 303 Complete πŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “Day 304: Consistency is a good thing…isn’t it?

      1. You’ll do great Sam. Just go in with a plan.

        Come to York and run the 10K on Sunday 3rd August πŸ™‚ My son will be running it with me for the first time as well as, we hope, my friend who ran it last year for the first time. We are aiming for less than 1 hour 15 minutes and will probably run intervals – that all depends on how my son gets on at parkrun over the next few months.


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