Day 308 – 310: Yoga for runners…that makes you into a runner right?

**Warning…and apologies for the upcoming  unoriginal joke…**

Day 308 Friday:

Friday was run day! it was also pouring down with rain all day day! which did not bode well for the final day I had to do a training run for the 10k! However, I was reliably informed by the BBC that the rain was going to stop at about 6pm

you have to believe them…they are the BBC!!

And  you know what they were right (for once). So I headed out  to Southwater to have a relaxed (ish…) run along the downs link path 🙂 Please note, I just wrote the words “relaxed run” in connection with myself… this is not something I ever thought possible but I mean I was not going to push for a faster time/ longer distance, I was just going to go and see what happened 🙂

This is what happened 🙂
What happened is, I did the whole thing, as prescribed on the interval schedule 🙂 running when told, walking when told, one extra walk in the middle schedule when I turned around, and one in the last interval where I had to stop and open a gate and take photos, but apart from that I went pretty well 🙂

It was slow, mainly because I wasn’t pushing it, I was concentrating on being able to run the intervals, not get a super speedy time, and I stopped to take photos… but I was happy with it 🙂


it was getting dark and slightly damp by the end of my run, but don’t I live in a typical pretty English countryside 😉 I was thinking how stereotypical it all was when I was running 🙂 but I like it! It is much better than running in the town!

SO that was Friday, last run before the 10k…a good positive run without too much off putting drama 😀 Just what I needed!

Day 309 Saturday

Saturday, the day before the race, I had been advised to rest…

well you all know me, and you know full well that complete rest was not going to happen…can’t fit a no exercise day into this 365 project!

So…instead of that, I searched out Yoga for Runners! This is a thing I thought, a real thing that runners do, and I have been led to believe (by the internet world) it helps. So I thought I would give it a try…after all…I have to become a runner in short order to tackle this 10k…this must be how you go about it!

yes…this is possibly the least original joke about yoga…shhh!! you were warned!

(I mean this must be the way you become a runner…apart from actually running of course…or does it make me a yogi? or a running yogi?)

It started with a Sun Salutation…I have come to believe that every thing in Yoga begins with a Sun Salutation.

The sun is important after all…I guess it doesn’t get enough recognition…

After this, I did the “30 min” (the quotes are because the whole thing took about 45 mins…) Hip opening sequence…

yoga hipsMy hips are notoriously tight as are my legs, so I thought it might just do me some good!

It wasn’t easy, and slowing down the program, turned out to be a bad idea as it meant I had to hold each pose longer rather than had more time between poses as I thought.

However, it did feel pretty good, and my legs and hips felt pretty well stretched out and suchlike afterwards…there is an outside chance that doing this more than once would actually be good for me!

Day 310 Sunday!

The day of the 10k 😀

very muddy feets!!
It was hard!

It was emotional and traumatic, then it was ok!

the hills and the mud at the start nearly did me in completely. At one point I nearly turned round and went home!

However, I didn’t!

It cot better after the first 3k…it angled gently down rather than scarily up and I managed to complete the whole thing in 1hr 33 mins which is 10 mins faster than I have ever done a 10k before, and a faster pace than my recent training runs!!

I have already done a full write up of the race, if you want to read more about it, click on this handy red link

Woohoo 😀

done and complete and all of those things…

Now to find a flat one to see if I can do even better…

Days 308 – 310 Completely complete 😀

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