Day 311: Just another Manic Monday…

Well, not *that* manic but “just another fairly busy monday” would not scan, I can’t see the Bangles having a hit with that!

busier body pump
busier body pump

Manic or not, it was definitely Monday, and this can only mean one thing…

Body Pump!

Because after running a 10k the previous day, more endurance training is exactly what my muscles needed…


Whether they needed it or not, it is what they got!

It was a busier bodypump class this week, which is good! The centre who runs the class is considering cancelling the class because it doesn’t always get big numbers…I have to say, no class at 8:15 pm on a monday is going to get big numbers! The circuits class that ran before they started body pump was always the same! It would be a shame if they cancelled it, for Sarah who runs the class, and for me!

Anyway…the class…

I am still liking the new release, well most of it, the biceps and triceps are hard, but then they always are! I am fairly sure my legs hated me by the end of the class, as I loaded up my 25kg for the squat track, even Sarah was astounded that I wanted to go that heavy after running the day before…I didn’t think letting my legs off easy was a good idea! I probably shouldn’t have accidentally upped the weight on the lunge track mind you…

yes you can accidentally up your weights…It happens when you forget what you used before and guess!

all in all, it was a hard but enjoyable class, helped along by my dragging convincing friends to come with me 😀

Day 311 Complete 🙂

9 thoughts on “Day 311: Just another Manic Monday…

      1. be careful!!

        I have pulled something in my arm / shoulder… I can barely move it in some directions 😦

        I have a sports therapy appointment tomorrow to (hopefully) sort it. so for now it is cardio / lower body for me!


      2. Yeah, I know we need to be careful. I’ve never had back pain from this class. Ever. Very weird that my lower back ached from Friday night thru Sunday. Must’ve been the dead lifts, I’m thinking?


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