Day 313: Significantly more dancing than I expected…

Ok..after the drama of Tuesday, I was less than impressed when I woke up on Wednesday morning barely able to move my arm! I couldn’t lift it up, put my hair in a pony tail or even put my jumper on without help… I was really quite worried that this would be the end of both this project and my dancing season before it had begun! tumblr_mf7afzwKGi1qbaj4uo1_500 Ok…yes, I was feeling a tiny bit over dramatic…I had had no sleep because of my arm and had a dodgy ponytail which I had to hide under a hat… OK…my hair is often like that on a normal day…but shhh! tumblr_m7jm5vF09F1rthy64   Anyway… As the day progress, I took some ibuprofen, I took some lemsip (for my cold not my arm…) and by the end of the day things were looking up! I could move my arm, in fact I could practically wave it (slowly) above my head with not too much pain and I could breathe… and to make it better, these things were still true even when the drugs had worn off 😀 woohoo things are looking up! Doctor_Who_Dancing_2 Ok…I couldn’t actually do that…but the chance are I could dance 😀 And dance I did… I headed off to practice with the intent to dance, but not go crazy 🙂 and I actually managed it! It was one of those practices where we did a lot of dancing, rather than a lot of faffing which is what sometimes happens… I didn’t dance every dance, I warned people that I couldn’t stick very hard, or in fact very high (I kind of waved my stick from my wrist and hoped…but it worked) and I eve stood and videoed one dance with the fancy slo-mo function I found on my phone…  Sadly the magic of the internet does not allow this to work when I try to upload it 😦

For now I will let you know that I danced the following:

Maiden Castle (x 2)
Parma Ham
Our Henry (x2)
Standing Stones
Raggle Taggle Gypsy
Foul Mouth Cat
Avebury Ring
Thor’s Hammer
Fanny Frail

which at 11 dances, is a rest compared to recent weeks, but enough to count as my daily exercise 😀

and I could still move my arm at the end of the whole thing…which was excellent!



Day 313 Complete 🙂


6 thoughts on “Day 313: Significantly more dancing than I expected…

    1. very well 🙂

      she doesn’t think I have damaged it severely, just over stretched it where it has been very tight before. which is what I thought 🙂

      she poked an prodded (or possibly massaged) it and put magic tape on it. She thinks it will be ok again in a few days, considering how much better it has already got 🙂


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