Extra: May Challenge





After April’s disastrous get myself up early challenge where I discovered that I might actually be a panda I thought I might choose a challenge for May that does not involve dragging myself out of bed at an unsociable hour (unless I want to…)

This, coupled with my recent arm drama has led me to choose a strictly lower body related challenge and a running challenge. My arm will probably be better, pretty soon, and these challenges are not going to take the place of my regular strength training / dancing / pilates etc. they will supplement it and provide me with an exciting and challenging last full month of my 365 project!

wow…yes, really, may is the last full month of the challenge! Day 365 of this challenge is 21st June (Midsummer…this may have been obvious) so June will not technically be a full month…

Challenge number 1: Running

Raw Energy Pursuits Bluebell Trail Runs 2014 by SussexSportPhotography.com
look…me running, at the weekend!

This one is pretty simple I challenge myself to run more kilometers in May than I did in April. This shouldn’t be too hard as I had the first week of April off running, but still!
My mileage (kilometreage?) goal is 60Km
in April I did 44km and in March I did 53km so I think 60km will be doable 🙂
My stretch goal (I have heard you are supposed to have these) is 75km

I realise as I write this that they are exactly the same figures that Nancy (My Year[s] of sweat) had as her April goals, but that is pure coincidence I assure you 🙂

My other running challenge for May is to run 10km again at least once.
I am not (probably not) going to sign up for an official 10k run, but on at least one of my runs I will go 10km

Challenge Number 2 Squatting



Until now I have ignored these “30 days o xx” challenges, they have seemed relatively obvious eg day 1 do 10 squats, day 2 do 20 squats.. which is something I thought I could work out myself… this one however, contains 4 different variations on the squat which will stop me having to think about it all too hard!

I is called the bombshell bottom…I am fairly sure I won’t get a bombshell bottom…that would be worrying and explosive. However, it may just make my legs stronger!

So for the month of May I will squat myself silly! It is not the easiest squat challenge I found…after all day one includes 100 squats (50 standard and 50 plie) but I am on day 314 of my 365 project…this is not a time for easy challenges!!

So…that will be May 😀

I am hoping for a more successful challenge than April!

20 thoughts on “Extra: May Challenge

  1. Good luck with your squats. My bottom hurts just thinking about it. I signed up for a 30 day plank challenge on Facebook which a friend of mine invited me to. I’m on day 4 of that.


  2. I think I may exactly copy your May challenge, Sam. All the running bits and the squats challenge. Sounds perfect to me. Plus it will be fun to do it together!! I’m thinking I should get all technical and setup a link up thingy with an official button/ name. We can call it the May Bad Ass Challenge and invite others to participate. 🙂

    Also, I’ve had the explosive ass. It’s not fun. 🙂


  3. I don’t even know what a pile squat is but it sounds painful 😉 And I don’t think kilometreage will ever be a word – at least I hope not!! Best of luck with it all! (Feeling guilty eating crisps and drinking wine now…) 😉


  4. Good luck with the challenge…hope it turns out the way you want to 🙂 If you really want something and you work for it you will get results.


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