Day 314: If in doubt…Squat!

So what exercise do you do when you have the end of a cold and an arm injury that is rapidly healing?

Well…tabata and squats of course…but I’ll come to that in a minute 😀

First of all, my arm…I had an appointment with Sophie the sports therapist to check I hadn’t done vast amounts of damage and that my arm was not about to fall off…

my arm now looks like this…only my tape is all black…which is of course the only difference between my arm and this arm…

The consensus of opinion is the pain I had was warning pain, that if I carried on hanging on stuff I would damage something, but as I stopped very quickly, I managed not to damage myself too much. It felt like the biceps and triceps, which have been tight for a while, got pulled, they had no stretch and sort of seized up to protect themselves from tearing. So it hurts and is a bit like a giant bruise but not actually a tear or anything! Sophie massaged it and poked and prodded it…which hurt…then hurt less (which is good). She then put magic tape on it, which I think actually does something and is not like the multi-coloured plasters they give to kids to make them feel better…

happy dance!
happy dance!

which ever it is…my arm feel better so that is all that maters…

This means dancing season is go 😀

All I have to do is shake this cold…but I am sure it is on its last legs, beaten into submission by vitamin c and lemsip!

Despite the fact that things are getting better I didn’t want to run the risk of making myself worse again by going overboard so I devised a cunning little cardio / lower body work out that I could do at home 🙂

my tabata was exactly this…only I didn’t find this before I did it…

I started with a round of tabata (because I am getting obsessed with it…) which consisted of:
20s Skaters
10s rest
20s side to side shuffle
10s rest
Repeat x 4

I next I did the first half of the first installment of my May squat challenge:
50 Standard squats which I did in 2 sets of 25

then repeat the above tabata

Plie squat
Plie squat

Then the second half of the first installment of the squat challenge:
50 Plie Squats which I also did in 2 sets of 25

I followed this by 3 sets of 10 Lunge rotations

Then (because my legs hated me by this point) I moved down to the floor and did 2 x 20 Crunches,  2 x 20 bridges 1 x 20 single leg extensions.

I finished the whole thing off with a bit of foam rollering and the stretches Sophie gave me 🙂

Day 314 Complete 😀

12 thoughts on “Day 314: If in doubt…Squat!

  1. I like your Snoopy happy dance 😀 Your squat challenge is insane! I like your tabata exercises 🙂 don’t think I’d have done that many variations on the squats. I hope your bottom doesn’t hate you tomorrow or Sunday 😉


      1. I’m just about recovered from the split squats and lunges (with 30kg) which my trainer gave me on Monday among all the other craziness before I went in for more punishment yesterday :). I’ve been walking a lot just to get my muscles moving and not hate me so much.


      2. Haha…at least this challenge is all body weight squats, which is good as I am adding it on top of things like my entire day of dancing tomorrow O_o


  2. Nice job with day one of the squat challenge! And I’m so glad that your arm in on the mend — that is the best news!

    p.s. Your new theme is really cool. I like the new look!


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