Day 315 – 318 Another long weekend

These long weekends are getting to be a habit… I could quite get used to a four day working week and a three day weekend.

For those of you who live anywhere other that the UK we have just had May Day / Spring Bank Holiday, we get the day off to celebrate it being may 😀 or it being spring, or something…there is more about it here, if you want to know the origins..

Whatever the origins it meant I had 3 days off work and now have trouble remembering what day it is…

Day 315: Friday

Friday started very early! I would love to tell you I spontaneously got up early to do exercise, leaping out of bed voluntarily at the crack of dawn filled with enthusiasm and vigor!

This is not what happened.

What happened is my husband needed delivering to the railway station at an unnaturally early hour in the morning (7am) and I offered to drop him off.

I intended to run after that, but I was not entirely awake enough for that. However, I resisted the temptation to sit in my car and sleep for an hour…I call this a huge plus!

I ended up going for a 50 min walk in my new (to me) dancing shoes in an attempt to break them in 🙂

new (to me) shoes
new (to me) shoes

I walked for 50 mins and went 3.1 km, not as fast as sometime, but these shoes are going to take a little breaking in…

It was, in theory, a nice way to wake up the morning, but I am really not very good in the morning so I was still half asleep after my plod…

during the day at work, I managed not to go for another walk due to rain, but I did manage to study for some of my nutrition course 🙂 yeay!
Friday evening looked very much like Thursday evening, there was some tabata and a lot of squats!

Warm up jogging on the spot 5 mins or so

1 round of tabata (2o work 10s rest x8), alternating between skaters and side to side shuffle things (as Thursday)

Day 2 of the squat challenge:
55 x Standard Squats (25 + 30)
55 x Plie Squats  (25 + 30)

then I added on 2 x 10 squat jumps and 2 x 10 split squats, because I didn’t feel that I had squatted enough 😀

Day 316: Saturday

Saturday was the awesome day…it was Rochester Sweeps festival which *may* have originally been an annual holiday / celebration for chimney sweeps, but now seeps to be a giant excuse for music and dancing…

who needs an excuse for dancing!!

Not Mythago…although we did have one as we were invited to dance in Rochester 😀

Here we are…dancing…sadly (or perhaps happily) I am not in this video…

I am in this though...back right :-)
I am in this though…back right 🙂

We danced 5 stands, each was to last approximately 1 – 1.5hrs each, but was shared with 2 or 3 other morris sides…we alternate dances so we don’t have to dance solidly for an hour…

this mostly worked…although there were 2 stands where we were the only side there so had to do somewhat more than expected…

It was a great fun day, and we got to do some fun things and see a lot of morris sides we don’t see very often. We also got to dance Thor’s Hammer with The Wild Hunt, a Morris side started by the same chap who started Mythago. This
always makes a pretty impressive show as we end up with four or five sets dancing 🙂

thors hammer 2
End of Thor’s Hammer

The dances were interspersed with a lot of walking, as the stands are spread throughout the town. I ended up dancing:

Maiden Castle
Hunting Dance
Star of the County Down (x2)
Spank The Monkey
Avebury Ring (x2)
Standing Stones
Thor’s Hammer
Fanny Frail

It was all in all a good day all around, with my arm holding up considerably better than I thought it would on Tuesday!


with all that dancing, it made it very hard to want to do any squats when I got home!!

But it was squat challenge, day 3… so squat I did!
60 x Standard Squats (20 + 20 + 20)
60 x Plie Squats (20 + 20 + 20)
10 x Low Pulse Squats


Day 317 Sunday

Sunday was the day that my cold (which I had been killing with lemsip and ignoring) and my arm healing and the dancing all caught up with me…and caused me to sleep for the best part of a day!

I managed my pilates class, it was hard work mind you…

Mind you…it was meant to be hard! Sarah has done quite a lot of research recently and found a plethora of new and extended exercises designed to challenge those of us who have been attending the class for a while!

This lead me to discover such exciting things as the one kneed press up:

Like a press up, on one knee...
Like a press up, on one knee…

The side plank + thread the needle:


and various core strengthening things that I have no idea of the name…

such as the one where you lean back on your arms and lift up your legs then twist them to the side and rotate them out and in a circle and back in, and the one where you lay on your back, with knees up in table top, then drop your knees over as far as possible to one side, straighten your legs, then use your core to bring the legs back to the start position…

It was all good fun, and tiring fun, and it made my core ache the next day..which is rare and awesome!

Sunday was also my Squat challenge day 4…which was a rest day woo!

Day 318 Monday

Monday did not involve Body Pump…

This makes it quite an unusual Monday!

It is because if the aforementioned bank holiday and the gym that run s the Body Pump class I go to  closes on bank holidays, others don’t but this one does. Some sort of local authority rubbish I believe!

Anyway, without Body Pump to look forward to, I had to find something else to do. So I decided that 1 week was about long enough to get over my cold, and I was going to run again for the first time since my 10k.

Much better than I expected...
Much better than I expected…

I decided to go along the downs link towards Christs Hospital, the same way I was going on my training runs before my 10k. It is a good route 🙂

I set myself an interval schedule which was slightly different from the 10k trainer one, just to see what happened.

What happened was a better run than I expected! I hadn’t run all week, and thought I was recovering from a cold, so I was expecting a slow time. But, actually did the same distance in about 4 mins less than last time 😀 I was very pleased!

It felt hard at the very start and in the middle with periods of okay-ness in the first half and towards the end…I have no idea why! The main thing I am learning from these runs is, just because you feel rubbish at the start of a run, doesn’t mean it will feel bad the whole way through…This is actually pretty reassuring to know 😀

woohoo 10% of the way to my May running goal!! only another 54 km to go :-S

Monday was also squat challenge day 5:
70 x Standard Squats (25 + 25 + 20)
70 x Plie Squats (25 + 25+ 20)
15 x low pulse squats

Days 315 – 318 Complete 😀

19 thoughts on “Day 315 – 318 Another long weekend

  1. Saw your run on Strava – well done!

    And the squats are getting challenging! I’m doing them in sets of 2 (70 = 35 + 35). Not sure how much longer I’ll be able to keep that 2 sets thing going. 🙂


    1. 🙂 thank you 🙂

      I was going to do them in sets of 2 but my legs rebelled on saturday after all the dancing…so now it is 3. I am going to try to keep it to three, but I am not sure how long I will manage that for!

      I deliberately chose this squat challenge because it looked hard…that will teach me!!


      1. No kidding! To provide you a point of comparison, I had downloaded 3 separate squat challenge apps for the iPhone. Not a single one of them was anywhere as aggressive as the Bombshell Bottom one. Way higher reps! 🙂

        It better give us some fantastic butts!!


      2. I know…I have one for my phone too…it is nothing like as aggressive…no other challenge that I found had 100 squats on the first day!

        It really had better work 😀

        the deciding factor was, I am not a complete beginner…I have done my fair share of squats over this last year…so I can’t start with something that lets me off the hook for the first week or two!


      3. yeah, I hear you. With the volume of squats we do in BodyPump, we are more in the advanced category. Still, I’m nervous about those days when I have Pump class + squats… :-S


      4. yes, I know what you mean! A full day of dancing followed by squats was bad enough!!

        I think maybe separating them may be the way to survive
        ie body pump in the evening and squats in the morning (or possibly lunchtime give my tendency to hate mornings…)


  2. Wow, just wow! That squat program looks really tough, I’m so impressed that you managed to do it in with all the other stuff you got in this weekend! Also: YAY for bank holidays!! 😀


    1. It is quite a tough program…I was looking for a real challenge… but I failed to think of the fact that I have to do it on dancing and running days…

      oh well I am sure it is good for me!!

      I personally think we should have more bank holidays… at least 1 per week… 😀


  3. I started reading this yesterday and then got distracted by something else and never got back to it :^)

    I’m with you on Bank Holidays, we should have more of them but maybe on a different day of the week as Monday is my day off!

    Way to go on all the dancing and walking and running faster and … I’m sure there’s more I just can’t remember and can’t be bothered to scroll back up the page 😛 Got to go and make dinner for my Boy.


    1. Maybe we should have some more bank holiday Fridays…

      and the odd bank holiday Tuesday…i could happily not come to work on Tuesdays!!

      dancing, walking, running faster…and squats!!! there are always squats!!


      1. Oh yes, squats!

        Fridays would be good for Bank Holiday except I work Saturdays too so it wouldn’t really be a long weekend. Hmm, really need to re-think the days I work.


      2. That would be nice 🙂 Although technically I could change my Monday for Tuesday as I work from home on Tuesdays then I could have 2 days off 😀


      3. It’s great for being able to go to the gym or run when I want but not so good for actually getting as much work done as I should, especially when my husband is home too 😛


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