Day 325: Today’s lesson – lunge weight is not appropriate for the shoulder track!

Squat challenge rest day…must be time for Body Pump!

Because body pump contains no squats at all…

oh hang on…that’s not right…

just in case you have forgotten what squats look like…

Body pump has eve more squats in it than this blooming challenge…and I get to hold 25 kg on my back at the same time πŸ˜€

I was pleased, however that it was Body Pump *instead* of squat challenge and not Body Pump as well!

During the squat track I was trying to work out whether my current penchant for doing copious amounts of squats had in any way increased my squat ability in Body Pump…

I did not come to any conclusion…

I did discover that my legs hurt…but I may have already known this!

mind you I didn’t struggle with the leg tracks as much as I did the arm tracks, triceps and biceps were hard work for my right arm! I remembered my still healing arm injury and didn’t go too crazy on the weights…until the shoulder track.

This comes directly after the lunge track for which I was using 12 kg.

the evidence is mounting up!! Although I did use weight plates not baby pandas...
this is *exactly* what it was like!

what ever possessed me to use the same weight for the shoulder track I will never know…

that and I tried to use two 5kg plates for the squat presses that you do with the plate…

My hands are not big enough to hold two 5kg plates for that long!

Why do I never learn!!

As usual it was a good work out, I was tired but I am glad I went πŸ˜€

Day 325 complete πŸ™‚



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