Day 333: Sporting reference Tuesday!

And with one single reference, I betray my age and nationality 🙂

333 was the highest test match batting score of the great  English cricket player Graham Gooch.

graham-gooch-180711It was in 1990 against India, he scored a total of 456 runs in that match…and I remember it well! I was (for some reason) standing in the upstairs hallway in my house when he was out, I think we may have been decorating! I was 14!

What does this have to do with my Tuesday activity…

well nothing at all!

The number always reminds me of this and I thought you all needed to know too!

Yes…I do like cricket!

Yes…I do find it interesting!






anyway…on to Tuesdays exercise

It wasn’t cricket, cricket is hard to play on your own and noone wants to teach you at 37!

So what did I do?

Well, as I missed out this week on my Sunday reset I decided that Tuesday should be a walking day.

I say decided, that makes it sound much more planned than it was!

What happened was, at lunchtime I went for a walk, I walked for 43 mins, went 2.7 km and had a nice breath of fresh air. I had the intention of doing more exercise, either gym or running in the evening.


THe builders who are currently extending out loft, told us yesterday afternoon that they needed access to the bedroom inside the house so the electrician could work…

no problem you think…

it was a lot like this...only there were only two of us!
it was a lot like this…only there were only two of us!

well no problem if you are not an inherently untidy person who then had to spend the whole of her evening sorting clothes and carrying things backwards and forwards and up and down stairs!!

Not conventional exercise, but you could call it functional training…

It definitely wasn’t restful, and at least I had walked and 43 mins walking definitely counts 😀

It was Squat rest day too 😀

Day 333 Complete 😀

8 thoughts on “Day 333: Sporting reference Tuesday!

      1. Exactly! I may have to get rid of some soon though, I’ve finally slimmed out of some! 😀


      2. awesome 🙂 me too!

        the trousers I wear to dancing are now held up with safety pins to stop them falling down mid dance…which, while comical, is not something I want to happen!


      3. it would 🙂

        and it is odd how often I now think…oooh I must try that so I can blog about it…

        probably not worth my trousers falling down mind you … 🙂


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