Day 336: Its Yoga Jim but not as we know it…

Friday’s activity of choice was yoga…but not as I have ever tried it before…

yes I know that says life not yoga…just pretend…also…Spock with a cat!! 😀

As you might have noticed I have a tendency to ignore youtube as a source of videographic instruction for exercise, and invest in dvds instead…I can’t explain this really, except that I sometimes forget that youtube exists… so with this in mind…I bought a new (well actually 2 new but I am only talking about 1 here) Yoga dvd. This particular one was Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown. No, I am not obsessed with Jillian Michaels, I just liked her approach to other workouts. The jury is still out on this one however. yoga meltdownI have a strong suspicion that traditional yoga practitioners would hate it. However I am not a traditional yoga practitioner so I didn’t hate it. I am not 100% sure I liked it, but it was ok. I will have to give it another try or two before I really decide! It was much faster and less calm than any yoga I have done before, and it was made more dynamic with repeated movement in and out of the poses and a 15 hold of the pose at the end. There were traditional elements in it like the sun salutation, only with the spiritual side of things taken out…which appeased my inner cynic I have to say! It was much more of a workout than other yoga I have tried, it is harder work, and you do feel it afterwards which is no bad thing 😀 I think I am erring towards liking it, but it is not for those who want a soothing yoga experience 😉

of course…there were also squats… I nearly forgot…

how could I forget :-S

Day 23 of the squat challenge, done:
170 standard squats
50 Plie squats
50 Plie squats on your toes…

plie squats on toes are still awful!

Day 336 complete 🙂

By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,


  1. Yey, you yoga’d!! I have to say I’m really not keen on Jillian Michaels, she seems filled with inner rage (well she did on the DVD I had and promptly sold!) Also, Spock with a cat: 😀


    1. she is a little bit odd…and quite abrupt in her manner but I quite like her workouts…
      you might be right about the inner rage now you mention it…she is not a calming yoga instructor that is for sure 🙂

      Spock with a cat is not something I can pass up 😀


  2. Fast yoga?! Actually that sounds OK – and I could do without the spiritual side of it as well – I just want toned abs and buns of steel. I don’t need enlightenment 😉


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