Day 337 & 338 A weekend of walking and being a cat

OK…I wasn’t an actual cat…I didn’t dress up or anything…

cat person
yes…I could have put in a picture of catwoman…I didn’t.

Day 337 Saturday

Saturday was my cat day…a day of sleeping, studying, more sleeping, more studying and a bit of crazy moving about!

For a good deal of last week, I was surviving on not enough sleep, despite my continued resolutions to be better at this, and I think Saturday was the day it all caught up with me!

For a start it was rainy, horribly rainy, too rainy to want to go outside and do anything at all! SO I decided to dedicate the day to studying. I need to get through my nutrition course so it was not a silly thing to do anyway.

On the plus side, I managed to get through 3 lessons of my course, on the down side, I managed to fall asleep in between them!

Now for the bit where I moved about like a crazy person!

I decided to make use of as much of my home gym equipment as possible…

ok…no I didn’t, I just ended up using a lot of it!

I started with tabata:
2 rounds of:
Side skips (possibly also known as gallumphing)
Squats (because it was squat challenge rest day so I had to do so somewhere)
Lunges (now I wish I had done a fourth exercise beginning with S but never mind)

then TRX circuit:
2 rounds of:
10 x chest press
10 x narrow row
10 x standing roll outs
10 x muscle ups
10 per leg slow mountain climbers

then I did a 1 min wall sit, to see if I could…

I doubt I looked as enthusiastic as this...
I doubt I looked as enthusiastic as this…

next tabata round 2:
2 rounds of:
Plyometric diamond jumps (squat jumps but you clap your feet together on the jump)
Kettlebell swings (2 kettlebells)
Kettlebell Clean and Press

At to round the whole thing off I did some single leg dead lifts, first 5 per leg with no weight then 5 per leg with a 5 kg dumb bell in each hand.

as I mentioned, it was my squat challenge rest day, so no more squats 😀

Day 338 Sunday

Sunday started as Sundays tend to with Pilates 🙂

It was an enjoyable class, as always, apart from the side planks, side planks are never enjoyable but I understand that they are good for me…

we did some new standing arm work with the resistance bands which was good, although I did get a little tangled up at one point and nearly wrapped a resistance band all the way around my neck…

It was complicated!

No I am not just uncoordinated!

After Pilates there was some walking.

and by some walking, I mean 11.5 miles of walking 🙂

Riverside walk
Riverside walk

It was a lovely sunny day (in complete contrast to saturday) So I suggested that we (my husband and I) went and tried out the Horsham riverside walk. I walk a tiny bit of it at lunchtimes and was interested to see where the other 10 miles of it went!

So we set off on our adventure, like Hobbits leaving the shire 🙂 only with less peril and more hope of returning home at the end of the day!

It was an interesting walk, Horsham does not have one river along which you can walk 11 miles. It does however have a surprising amount of rivers/becks/streams/ along which you can walk a little way and join them all up in a circle.

we kept going from seeming complete countryside to the center of town and back again. It was interesting to join up lots of places we have been in a very unexpected way 🙂



Along the way, we met a veritable plethora of dogs, birds, sheep and other appropriate countryside creatures.

We even met a very friendly non killer squirrel!

So none killer that he eve ate out of my hand!!

He was a very tame little chap with a poorly paw and was happy to share my seed bar 🙂

all in all it was a very good day, despite the fact that I discovered that my walking boots need to be broken in a little bit more as they dig in the back of my calf.

and my step total for the day was 29.5 thousand, a total of 13 miles 😀

so…after 13 miles with a hurty calf, what would you do in the evening?

Yes…that’s right squats!!
day 25 of the squat challenge:
180 standard squats
60 plie squats


Days 337 & 338 Complete 😀

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