Day 339: Running in the Rain!

Monday was the day I ran in the rain… real rain too not just drizzle!

It was even raining before I set out, I made a conscious choice to run in the rain…

which possibly makes me crazy…

or a bear…

this is a highly accurate depiction of me running in the rain…except of course, I was wearing running shoes…

this bear seems to be happy running in the rain…

I was too…at first, then I wasn’t, then I was again!

Basically I spent the entire run flipping between:

“woohoo I am running in the rain it is so much fun and quiet”


“wet…I am so wet…soggy all soggy, it is raining, why am I out in this I hate being wet!”

there was a lot of indecision!

on balance I am proud of myself for running in the rain, and I think the majority swung towards the liking it, but the overwhelming soggy did win out in the end and I cut my run short after 5km…

I stood in a puddle to prove it was raining…
 and that sentence there shows how far I have come in a year…

this time last year the idea of cutting a run short, and it still being 5km would have been completely unheard of!

I ran shorter intervals this time (5 min run 1 walk) as I hadn’t been for a couple of weeks, and this pattern seems to make me quicker. I did struggle a bit finding my stride, but that might have been because of the overwhelming sogginess!!

Once I had finished my run, and got dry… I did, of course have squats to do!

190 Standard squats
50 plie squats
50 plie squats on toes

Day 339 Complete 😀


4 thoughts on “Day 339: Running in the Rain!

  1. “I cut my run short after 5km… and that sentence there shows how far I have come in a year…” I’m glad you said it, I was going to point it out to you! In fact, I think going out for any run in the rain proves just how far you’ve come! 🙂


  2. Congrats on a run in the rain — no easy feat!

    I’ve been mentally writing a post on running in my head for about a week now. Not a single word typed on the screen (or written on paper) yet, mind you, but I’ve got it sorted in my head, for the most part. Essentially – I’m making a decision to honour myself and my mantra of exercise should be fun — stuff you love to do. Even when it’s hard and work and shit, it should still be activity that you find somewhat enjoyable. There are days when running is okay. Dare I say enjoyable even? But, for the most part it feels like an obligation. And with time being at a premium for me these days, doing stuff that is purely obligatory just doesn’t make sense for me. So, I think running and I are parting ways. 🙂 (Spoiler alert!)


    1. 🙂 I can completely understand that! If you are not enjoying it then it is not worth doing!
      I really don’t blame you, there is no reason why you should run if you are not enjoying it! Your amazing hiking fears will keep you just as fit and sound far far more awesome!!
      I appreciate that is has probably been a hard decision though!
      I only keep doing it because running keeps me the specific type of fit that is good for dancing! I probably enjoy it about 50% of the time and the rest I will settle for not hating it!


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