Day 340: The day I tried Yogalates…

This is another one of my cheap DVD experiments…

and it is another one that I am not 100% sure of… I think I like it, but again, I will have to give it more than one chance 🙂

yogalates person
this is the person who invented it, and teaches the dvds and has a voice that will take some getting used to.. (click for info)

it is a “fusion” of yoga and Pilates…

I have put the word “fusion” in quotes because I don’t particularly like it in this context…however that is just me being odd. I should probably edit this bit out…I probably won’t…

it was much more calm and traditional than Jillian’s Yoga, it was a combination of yoga poses and pilates exercises.

Yes, I know…that was probably obvious from the whole fusion description but sometimes these things need saying…

it did have horrible side planks in so it wasn’t easy!

I did enjoy it, and it wasn’t an easy work out. I think in general, I am still trying to get my head fully around slower workouts, especially ones I do at home…

the DVD is split into two workouts, 1) is core and upper body, and 2) is core and lower body, I did both and I think they work well together. All in all it was an hour of stuff 😀

there is also a bonus core blast-y thing which I will give a go next time 😀

As with all of these, if you use them as part of an overall routine, for a change they are good supplements and they stop you having to think too hard about what to put in your home workout 😀

However, as I have mentioned before, I would not rely on this (or any DVD) as my only source of exercise, and I feel the claims made on the box may be slightly exaggerated…

as well as this, of course, there were squats…

Tuesday was:
100 regular
50 Close
50 Wide
50 Plie

and then Day 340 complete 🙂

7 thoughts on “Day 340: The day I tried Yogalates…

  1. I’ve never been convince about Yogalates, I think it might be the “fusion” issue as a whole that I have trouble with…


    1. Yeah, I know what you mean which is why my jury is still out…I don’t like the fusion word,..I find it works a lot better to think if it as a mixture, which is technically the same but sounds so much less pretentious it feels better


  2. I’m so with you on being able to wrap my head around a slower workout a la yoga or pilates. I know they are super challenging when done right, but it’s the pace that kills me. I’m so ADD…


    1. I get really easily distracted! I am no good at the meditative mindset thing! I get distracted and start thinking “oh I am supposed to look like a locust…I don’t think locusts do this” and
      “Argh why is there a cat sitting in me!”
      Which is why I am trying things that are not quite yoga in the hope they will distract me!


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