Day 341: New Toy!!

Wednesday…day of the new distraction  toy tracker!

It finally arrived, my Basis B1 2014 edition fitness tracker that I bought to replace the doomed fitbit force!

this was me attempting to wear it and charge it at the same time…ironically tethering me to my computer…
 it looks much better than that without the charger clipped over the top of it…

It claims to be the worlds most advanced tracker…and It certainly gives you a large amount of data!

woohoo Data…I love data!!

It measures:

Heart Rate
Skin Temperature

It differentiates between walking running and cycling.

It automatically recognises when you are asleep.

It also tells you the time without having to press a button (just like a real watch) and the date and day as if it knows I am rubbish at keeping track of these things!!

I quite love it!

fancy…with sensors and everything!

It has fancy pants sensors on the back which utilise some sort of technology magic to keep track of all of these things and it uploads them to my phone via an app and shows them all on the website dashboard which produces pretty graphs!

It also allows you to set lots of different goals that it calls healthy habits. every time you achieve one,  you get points and a certain number of points unlocks a slot to allow you to track another habit 🙂 it is addictive and slightly plays up to my competitive side!!

basis activity basis habits basis patterns basis sleep


there is a vast amount of very distracting data…it is making me want to do more just to look and see what the little graphs do!!

The other thing that happened on Wednesday, was dancing 😀

Awesome dancing!

we were practicing for this weekends dance outs (of which there are two) and unlike this time last year, I am in nearly every dance!

I danced:
Maiden Castle (x2)
Earth Mother
End of the World
Thor’s Hammer
Raggle Taggle Gypsy
Witch Hunt
Our Henry
Star of the county down
Fanny Frail

which was a lot of dancing!

thankfully…it was squat challenge rest day 😀

Day 341 Complete 😀

10 thoughts on “Day 341: New Toy!!

  1. That looks interesting! I love data as well!! I recently purchased a Garmin 620 and I am constantly going back to the dashboard and reviewing it after each run. Plus I still use my FitBit One on a daily basis to track my sleep, steps etc.


  2. This is a combination of watch, computer game and robot, yes? It looks pretty cool actually, I feel very technology deficient, it took me all month to sort out a new pedometer (£1.50 from Play!)


    1. That is exactly what it is 🙂 only it can’t make me coffee like many robots.
      It is much easier to sort out than a pedometer because the bits you have to interface with are on the computer 😀


  3. Oh Sam….you’re teasing me with a new toy. This sounds like it does all the stuff my old BodyMedia Fit used to do, without having to wear a giant armband around your upper arm… I may need to invest in one.

    I don’t love the look of it, but then again, it’s not like the Fitbit is going to win me any fashion awards…


    1. It looks ok, but then I have always liked chunky man-esque watches!
      But the data is awesome!!
      I love it!!
      The healthy habits thing is really motivating!! 😀


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