Days 344 & 345: Contrasting dance days

Day 344 Saturday

On saturday, there was dancing and motorbikes and yoga and achy achy legs!!


Mythago were invited to dance at the local Motorbike club’s annual meet up.

It is run by two of our members so it was not too much of a stretch to get invited, but that doesn’t make it any less fun! It was dancing…it is always fun!!

We did 2 sets during the afternoon, in amongst some very spectacular, shiny (and none shiny) motorbikes of the Harley / chopper / giant handlebars type.

In case you can’t tell, I am not very good at describing motorbikes…and know almost nothing about different types…

I do know about dancing now though πŸ˜€

me looking so fluuuufy!!
me looking so fluuuufy!!

And I seem to be able to dance when encompassed by a ball of fluuufy tatters!

I danced:
Maiden Castle
Witch Hunt
Star of the County Down
Raggle Taggle Gypsy
Fanny Frail

It wasn’t a huge dance out, but it was fun.


there is always a strange atmosphere when we are dancing there, it always seems like noone is interested while we are dancing. We get very little reaction at the end of the dances. But after we have finished, lots of people come up and tell us how much they liked us!

Apparently this is a biker thing πŸ˜€

As I didn’t do *that* much dancing, and my legs really ached from friday night as well as the days activity, I decided to round the day off with some yoga!

I did the Runners Yoga hip opening sequence that I did just before my last 10k. I remembered it having more leg stretches and suchlike which I thought might help counteract all the aches…

It did…sort of!

Day 345: Sunday

In complete contrast to Saturday’s Biker meet, Sunday’s dance out was at a local foodie/craft/flower/local produce fair called the Floral Fringe Fair. Which, through my general tendency towards tongue-tied-ness, may now get referred to as the Flinge! πŸ˜€

This was a whole day of dancing and walking around. We did 3 stands, the middle of which was a retelling of the Green Man story.

It is the story of the Green Man (obviously) and his role in the changing of the seasons and the turning of the year πŸ™‚

Green Man and Earth Mother
I am the one kneeling in the middle, the one not in green. I am also not in orange, despite that being my orange kit dancing around me πŸ™‚

This story is an awesome chart of both my fitness and my progression in dancing.

We have danced this three years in a row, two years ago, I was in one dance in the story.

Last year, I was in 2 dances in the story.

This year, I was in ALL of the story dances!! πŸ˜€

and most of the none story dances too!! blue...I was air (I think)
ME…in blue…I was air (I think)

The story involved two kit changes, which involves a new mask and the front coloured part which is detachable. I have never had to do this before so I panicked before hand…but it turns out it was not that tricky…with two helpers!!

It is also a tiny bit of a problem, because you no longer look like yourself!!

Across the three sets, I danced:
Maiden Castle
Witch Hunt
Star of the County Down
Earth Mother
End of the World
Thor’s Hammer
Avebury Ring
Spank the Monkey
Parma Ham
RaggleΒ TaggleΒ Gypsy
Fanny Frail

which was a lot of dancing, on a warm day!

While I was looking through the pics of the day (and Saturday) I was struck by the realisation that I don;t hate pics of me any more. I am still a way off where I want to be size and shape wise, but I do not hate to look at myself! This is a massive step forward for me!

It also occured to me that I have pics form the same event last year, and it was those pics that kicked me into doing this whole thing!!

I thought I would share them with you, I should probably wait until the end of the 365 but I am not going to!

Now :-D
Now πŸ˜€

I am pleased with the progress πŸ˜€

That is nearly all…it just remains to tell you that on sunday, I started my June challenges Β (although there may well be more…) with an arm challenge, and a dumbbell challenge πŸ˜€

more challenge details to follow πŸ˜€

Days 344 & 345 Complete

12 thoughts on “Days 344 & 345: Contrasting dance days

  1. SAM!!! Wowzers! Look at the change in your face, your neck, your arms…everything! this is truly awesome!
    p.s. Can’t wait to hear about your june challenges. I’m still formulating mine!


    1. πŸ˜€ thank you πŸ˜€ I really didn’t think was *that* much change! Until I purposely went and looked up last years photos! I remembered while I was at the floral fringe how I felt last year (broken, in pain and struggling) and that made me check the photos πŸ˜€


      1. It’s more than a physical transformation. So much more. You have blossomed into a beautiful, healthy and HAPPY person this past year. So proud of you!


      2. πŸ˜€ it is true, I never considered how much this project would change me! I wanted it to, but never expected it to be this much! It was the simple (haha) switch if focus from thin to healthy that has made all the difference!!


  2. Wow, you can really see the difference – and I assume that with sooo much dancing you are now officially fit enough to dance in a mask? Go you!!


      1. Yey!! I’m so proud of you, you have made some amazing changes over the last year – I’m totally in awe of what you have achieved!


      2. πŸ˜€ thank you πŸ˜€
        It is like a rolling stone, once I found a reason to get fit and concentrated on the right things, it all snowballed!!
        That and I have lovely supporters to keep me accountable!


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