Extra: That was May, this is June…

Well…that was May, that really flew by didn’t it! What a month it was, with 3 weekends of dancing and 1 weekend of training training, it was the end of the month before I had time to breathe! If you remember, at the beginning of May, I set myself 3 extra challenges… Just in case you don’t click through to read them…they were: To run 60km ToΒ doΒ at least one 10k run (not necessarily a race) To complete the Bombshell Bottom Squat challenge.

if I distract you with Dr Who will you let me off?

Firstly the running: well… I started well, and I ended ok…but for some reason, in the middle I didn’t run at all.

In the first week of May I ran 14km ish and in the last week of may I ran 9km ish.All in all I ran 23.1 km in May, and not one 10 km run to be found!

The middle two weeks contained no runs at all…I have no reason for this.

No fantastic mountain climbing potential death inducing challenges to make up for it like Nancy (go look here it is awesome!)

All I can say, is dancing and training and a very busy month got in the way! Yes I am aware that they are not valid excuses…I will do better next month…

The Bombshell Bottom Squat Challenge however, is a different story!

this has been my life in May!

I squatted, and squatted and squatted and squatted…

I squatted after body pump classes, I squatted after dance outs, I squatted after walking 13 mile…

whether I felt like it or not, I squatted!

4817 squats in fact! that is over and above any done in body pump, PT sessions, random other workouts! It was a lot of squats but I did it…

Did it help anything, well it helped me do more squats…I am not sure if I have a bombshell bottom… I am not sure if endless bodyweight squats is as beneficial as fewer heavy squats would be… But…I did it πŸ˜€

And now for June… June has started… (in case you haven’t noticed…) My first two challenges have started…and my others will be playing catch up…

Challenge 1:

Arms, for two reasons:
1) I did lower body last month, so it seemed only fitting that upper got a go this month.
b) I was talking to a friend at work, and she mentioned that she would like to do an arm challenge, so I found her one and we are both doing it πŸ™‚ arm challenge 1 It seemed reasonably straight forward, although I am not looking forward to 120 dips on the last day…

Challenge 2:

In the process of looking for an arm challenge, I found another challenge that looked interesting. It was a dumbbell challenge. So I decided to do that as well…and convinced my friend to do it too πŸ™‚ dumbbell challenge I am doing this with the following modifications:
I am not doing weighted crunches, I am doing standard crunches with my arms extended above my head, I learned on my core course that this is a more effective way of increasing the difficulty of crunches.

Same with the reverse crunch.

I have added on a corresponding number of back extensions to the end of each one too, in order to keep the core balanced.

Instead of the bent over triceps extensions, I am doing single arm rows with an extension as it is a more compound exercise.

It didΒ occur to me that I have modified this one so much, that I should just write my own, but I have started these now so I am going to carry them on!

Challenge 3


Mileage: having failed miserably at my running challenge in my I am going to set a more modest challenge in June. I overestimated my running capabilities, and with all the dancing I have not got as much time for running.

So June’s challenge is 45km I haven’t managed over 35km since march so 45km seems more realistic!

Race: I will run a 10km race this June and complete it in 1hr30mins or less. This will be faster than my April 10k. In order that I do not bottle out or bail on this challenge…

I have signed up for the Horsham 10k Race for life which is happening this coming Saturday 8th June! eeeek!

Challenge 4

This on is stolen from Helen at 26 to 12Β (go an look)

New things…I am completely afraid of new things and new people! I sometimes do them anyway because it makes things more interesting, but I also have a tendency to bottle out and stick to what I know.

(for example, it took me 2 years to be brave enough to join Mythago…)

New experiences are good, even if you end up not liking them so this month I am going to try 10 new things! Thanks Helen πŸ˜€

Challenge 5

I feel sure I have made this reference before...
Really, it is where the name came from!

this one is a little bit random…

you know I always struggle with Thursdays…

and you know by now that Thursday is Thor’s day.

I have decided to set myself a thursday challenge! and what better than a Thor work out! it couldn’t be more appropriate (in my mind!)

so for the rest of June, I will do this every Thor’s day:

thor-workout (1)

It does mean I have to do 1 legged squats, and learn what a turkish get up is…but that is part of the challenge…

And that will be June… Not forgetting of course that all these things are in addition to the dancing, PT, Pilates etc that I already do πŸ™‚

The other small thing that happens in June…is the end of my Midsummer 365 project…

So I will also reveal the next phase…

and by reveal…

I mean decide on…

28 thoughts on “Extra: That was May, this is June…

  1. Awesome challenges, Sam! I’m also doing an arm challenge in June. I had to scour the internets to find one that didn’t involve weights as I will be traveling all next week, and won’t have access to dumbbells. I found one that looks pretty good. It’s a push-ups / planks / chair dips combo done over 30 days. I didn’t like the layout /graphic that I found on Pinterest so I created my own in Excel. πŸ™‚ I’ll share it out in my post later today/tonight.

    I like your Thor workout – and that you’re only doing it Thursday. I might add that one in too – as it won’t matter if I’m at home, in a gym, in a hotel, etc. πŸ™‚

    Need to work on publishing my June goals later today. Damned work keeps getting in the way. πŸ˜‰


    1. I love the Thor Work out πŸ™‚ it seems challenging but suitable for a Thursday πŸ™‚ that whole website has loads of workouts that are completely bodyweight…I will modify the post to include the link…I meant to do it but forgot!

      Work does get in the way! I am still 2 days behind on my daily updates!!!

      at this rate my project will be over before I have told anyone!

      I didn’t really like the graphics that went with my first two challenges, but they were not so bad that I felt the need to change them!


      1. the graphic on the one I chose was so confusing. It took me forever to even understand that they wanted multiple sets. πŸ™‚

        I’ll check back for the link after you update the post. thanks!


      2. well that is stupid! Challenges are challenging enough!!

        I have updated the link!
        there are some awesome challenges on there…it was all I could do to stop myself declaring more of them…
        I wanted to do the bruce lee challenge…


      3. Oh yes!!! The Bruce Lee challenge is awesome! I will take that one on. I’m slightly concerned it features push ups (because my arm challenge does too) ..but… what the hell. all I can do it try, right?

        I love that they’re both bodyweight only workouts – so NO EXCUSES if I’m in a hotel room, etc.

        thanks for the link!


      4. it is awesome isn’t it!!! Helen Found it somewhere and sent me the link on Pinterest! I can’t decide which superhero I want to be most!

        I thought I was already doing enough…Bruce Lee next month!!


  2. Awesome challenges! I’m so excited that you’re doing the Thor workout, I’m definitely doing a superhero one next πŸ™‚
    Are you being sponsored for the race for life?


    1. I should be being sponsored for race for life, I have not got any yet as I only just signed up…

      I should put a link up really… πŸ™‚

      I want to do all the superhero workouts!!


  3. Great challenges. Turkish get ups are a wicked wicked movement, but I’m sure you’ll find that out for yourself tomorrow πŸ™‚ best wishes this month!


      1. They are definitely a skill based movement – body mind coordination. I definitely want to work on mine in the future because my form is still pretty terrible, but they definitely make your core scream.


      2. It will probably take me a little while to perfect them in that case :-S

        and by a little while I mean ages!!

        although a screaming core (in this context :-S) is a good thing πŸ˜€


  4. First, I do want to say that putting Dr Who on the blog as a distraction is pretty brilliant! I mean a little Dr. Who and I can get lost for hours! Anyway you have a crazy productive month a head of you! And congrats on almost being done with your project! 365 days…awesome congrats!


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