Day 346: A Monday unlike any we have seen before

Well…that may be slightly exaggerating the importance of this monday…

A rare thing did happen mind you, I actually admitted that I was too weary and in from work too late to make body pump!

The only way I could have got there sensibly would have been to skip tea and have it when I got back, which would have meant I definitely wouldn’t have had enough energy to do the class justice!

If only I was a time lord, this would not be a problem!
If only I was a time lord, this would not be a problem!

Of course I didn’t just do nothing..that would be craziness at this stage in the game!!

ok…you know me better than that šŸ˜€

First things first, I walked!

My new basis tracker set me challenges, and I get points for them…I am finding this much more motivating than my fitbit šŸ™‚

One of the challenges is to walk at least 5000 between 12 midday and 5 pm. In the pursuit of this, I walk as much and as far as I can in my lunchbreak.


If I push it I can get the whole 5000 steps done in on walk…

On monday, I got 6217…which is not bad for 42 mins in New Rock boots!

As you can see I walked for 42 mins and went 3.14 km

It was a nice walk, and I met the train ticket wielding cat again…Ā 

he didn’t have a ticket this time…

and he didn’t stop so I could get a picture…

At this point I was intending to go to body pump, but my afternoon didn’t go as planned and I ended up in work far longer than is good for anyone!

I didn’t miss out completely on evening exercise mind you… it was day 2 of the arm challenge and as such I did:
8 x press ups
8 x dips
15 x bicep curls
15 second punching

followed by: (all weights are per arm)
12 (per arm) x alternating bicep curls (5kg)
12 x OH triceps press (5kg)
12 x chest flys (3kg)
12 x lat raises (3kg)
12 x calf raises (5kg)
12 x oblique crunches
12 x back extensions

and then, just because I was getting withdrawal symptoms:
20 x regular squats
10 x plie squats
10 x low pulse squats
10 x narrow squats

Day 346 Complete šŸ˜€



4 thoughts on “Day 346: A Monday unlike any we have seen before

  1. You motivated me to hit the treadmill at lunch time yesterday. I did the Treading program from BLR on my get moving/ cardio page. Got 6,000+ steps in! Made it sooo much easier to hit 10,000 by the end of the night.

    p.s. Arm Challenge push-ups + Bruce Lee challenge push-ups is too many push-ups. My arms are ACHING! šŸ™‚


    1. šŸ˜€ it is so much easier to get to 10000 if you get a huge chunk out of the way at lunchtime…
      it was even easier the one day i managed morning but I am not banking on that becoming a habit!

      I am not surprised they are!! that is a lot of push ups!
      I did the thor challenge after my 2 arm challenges yesterday…that was hard work too!!
      In other news..i am considering doing Insanity…


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