Day 354: Tuesday of unusual wakefulness

For reasons I have yet to discover, I seemed to be very awake on Tuesday morning, despite having only 5.5 hrs sleep!

I was more awake than I have been in the morning for ages. Mind you that might be because I seem to be struggling with mornings recently…even more than normal!

So it was completely unexpected when I got up at 5:30 am on Tuesday raring to go 😀

Which was a good thing as I had PT…

In which there was a lot of kicking!

buffy kicking
yep that’s the sort of thing…

We started with boxing combos for a change this week, and Matt said we were going to do a lot of leg stuff today.

He had the thai pads which normally indicates a lot of kicking and (as I mentioned) there was, indeed, a lot of kicking!

we did interval training…with kicking in between intervals…. as a rest.

at least Matt said the kicking was the rest until I gave him a look and then conceded that it was probably not a rest…

THe intervals went something like this:
20 kick combos (Right round kick x 2 switch left round kick)
20s Burpees
20 kick combos involving front kicks (three kicks in total but I can’t remember the details) all with the right leg
20s Spit Spots (which is like really quick jumping switching left leg to the front then right leg to the front)
20 right kick followed by left kick combos
20s press ups
20 kicks of some description (I may have blocked the memory)
20s Plank

We then commandeered a TRX (actually 2 TRXs) and did these things:
Chest presses, one legged chest presses, rows, high face pull type rows, roll out hold things, straight arm muscle up things, lateral hip drop hold things…

a lot of this was as confusing as it sounded!

lifting we did:
8 x snatch (20kg)
8 x full cleans (20 kg)
4 x deadlift (60 kg)
3 x deadlift (80 kg)

lego deadlift
I didn’t have a stormtrooper hat on mind you

I do love deadlifts 😀 they are awesome!

I confess I forgot to write down this session afterwards, but I thing that just about covers it!

It was awesome…it was hard work and I am glad I was actually awake for it 😀

Day 354 Complete 😀

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