Day 360: Annoyed from Horsham

I am annoyed!

In case that wasn’t obvious!

My Body Pump class on Monday evenings was taken by an awesome teacher called Sarah, she also takes my Pilates class and has become my friend.

sad pandaThat is until this week when I got a message from Sarah saying she had been sacked from her Monday night class.

Which is stupid!

THe class had low numbers sometimes, but the circuits class that was on before it had low numbers too…it is not a good time slot!

THey even observed her and said she was good…

She was a great body pump teacher! I have been taught by some mediocre ones…she was definitely one of the good ones!

So I refused to go back to the class!

I will find another one, but for this week, I stayed at home and did Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown instead!

I got on better with it this time, I think I like it as an alternative yoga workout šŸ™‚

Yoga that doesn’t take itself too seriously… šŸ˜€

pretty new shoes
The other exciting (and fourth June new) thing was my new vibrobarefoot shoes.

Barefoot walking/running without the scary toe shoes!

I wore them to work.

I shouldn’t have done, they did not go with my work clothes at all!

I wanted to try them out, so I wore them all day, and went for my lunchtime walk in them.

I love them!

THey are so comfy, they do take a bit of getting used to, and my calves certainly knew I was trying a new thing…but that is no bad thing šŸ˜€

Day 360 (argh day 360) complete šŸ˜€

10 thoughts on “Day 360: Annoyed from Horsham

    1. Yes definitely! She is so good and doesn’t deserve to be fired! The chap I go to body pump with feels exactly the same, he wants to find a different class too!


  1. That’s really disappointing about Sarah, I hope she starts another class you can go to šŸ™‚
    Um, what are vibrobarefoot shoes?


    1. It is such a shame! she does one on a saturday morning, which I will go to when I am not dancing on saturdays!

      I gog it wrong…they are vivobarefoot shoes…they basically have a zero drop from heel to toe (they are flat) and have a really thin sole so you cna feel the floor…but not hurt your feet šŸ˜€


      1. they are actually really comfy! I was surprised!

        it is hard on your calves at first, but good hard as it makes them work as they are supposed to šŸ˜€

        I really want to wear them all the time now…but they are a little obvious…


      2. I did last week…
        the problem is, I am short, so my trousers drag on the floor even under normal shoe conditions…with these the scrunch up so much at the bottom it is difficult to walk!

        although I do intend to wear them as much as I can get away with šŸ˜€


      3. Ah yes I recognise that problem! šŸ˜€ Hope you find plenty places to wear them – can you dance in them?


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