Day 362: Have I told you about the Green Man?

I probably have, I have certainly told you that Mythago tell the green man story but I don’t think I told you much about the story its self…

green man 1
This is the chap…

(forgive me if I have…)

The green Many in mythology is a representation of the rebirth of the land in the springtime, and seeming death in winter, Β his story is the story of the seasons and the wheel of the year.

there is more info about him Here.

He is also a very common carving and representation around the churches and pubs of the UK, more info here

This coming weekend we are retelling the green man story twice, so Wednesday’s dance practice was half given over to making sure there were enough people who know the dances!

It turns out I am one of them…(I did technically know this as I was in all of them a couple of weeks ago)

the story dances are:
Earth Mother
End of the world
Thor’s Hammer
Avebury Ring

so I did all of those…

we also had time to practice other dances, some with walks through so the new members would get a go and these were:

Maiden Castle
Star of the County Down
King of the Fairies
Raggle Taggle Gypsy
Fanny Frail

Day 362 Complete πŸ˜€

7 thoughts on “Day 362: Have I told you about the Green Man?

    1. I know πŸ˜€ it is awesome!
      sunday I return to the same event that I did on the weekend of the very start πŸ˜€

      I remember thinking at that even last year,
      “I can’t wait to see what I am like in a year” and now I will get to!
      I really really must remember to video it if possible!!


      1. Oh please do!! Any chance one of the non-active dancers (sitting out those dances) could do it? Or maybe your husband if he attends? It would be wonderful to get not only the dancing, but some of you just reflecting on how you feel. (Kind of like my silly video on the Grand Canyon trail.) I’d love to just get your thoughts in a stream-of-consciousness way – in your conversational speaking voice. writing about how you feel after the fact never fully captures it, does it? At least that’s what I’ve found. I kind of wish I had done a short video when I finished my 365th workout on New Year’s Eve day. I remember feeling such a sense of accomplishment. And it felt weird to write about it later, but would have come off very genuine (and non braggy) if I had just captured it in the moment, I think.


      2. I really want to try to do that! in the same sort of way as your grand canyon video.

        Hopefully there will be someone not dancing much (there is defintiely one person not in any story dances) so I will enlist their help!
        If I can, I would like to do both days, the last of the 365 and the midsummer at the museum anniversary πŸ˜€
        I just need to remember, I tend to get caught up in all the dancing…


      3. I’d offer to send you an email to remind you, but you’ll probably be starting while I’m still asleep (Fri night/Sat morn). πŸ™‚


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