Day 363: New thing Thursday

Remember back in the olden days (a year ago) when I used to do random things on a Thursday?

Well this Thursday I decided to keep up this longstanding tradition…and do something that definitely counts as June’s 5th new thing!

Academy of Martial Arts no less...
Academy of Martial Arts no less…

I found a Kickboxing class at non other than the village hall in Coolham where Mythago practice is held!!

I have been looking at the adverts for this for about 2 years, since we started dancing at this hall.

I finally went along last night.

Kenagi is a mobile club that holds classes at various different places around the area.

Apparently the Coolham class is not the busiest…there were only 4 people in it including me!

I had mixed feelings about the class, the instructor is a very sarcastic guy, in a way that can com across as mean rather than amusing. He does not seem to be the sort to mince words or take any crap!

imagine this hall…only with 4 mean looking kickboxers and no morris dancers…

He is also very keen on pointing out what you are doing wrong…which is fine as you are there to learn and need to know the right way. However, there is room for occasional positive reinforcement!

Don’t get me wrong…I don’t expect to be babied, it was just a very different style of teaching to that to which I am accustomed!

It was also a different style of kickboxing.

I have a tendency to dislike things that are different from the way I amused to doing things, and I recognised that I was doing this at one point so actually (for once) managed to ignore my fear of change!

The other thing I did (apart from being rusty) was overthink everything and worry too much about getting it right, which then caused me to get it wrong!

I did enjoy myself however, and I do want to give it more than one weeks chance!!

I would like to go for long enough to make the guy stop calling me the “young lady” and to learn that treating me differently because I am female will just piss me off (which may have been the point)

I would also like to get better…I used to be good at this and I want to be again!

The class consisted of some warm up / conditioning followed by techniques and general hitting of pads, and in my case being told I was getting things wrong…a lot!

I will keep you posted about this…I am determined not to talk myself out if it next week!

Day 363 Complete πŸ˜€

14 thoughts on “Day 363: New thing Thursday

  1. You never cease to amaze me with your fearlessness to try new things. Even now, 18 months into my focus on exercise and fitness, I still feel tremendous fear and worry that I’ll look the fool if I try a new class or group activity. So stupid. I need to take a page from your book. Love that you did this so near the end of your project, too. Bad ass!


    1. πŸ˜€
      I nearly talked myself out if it, and I nearly ran away while the guy was finishing the class before off…

      The thing that made it ok was that it was at a hall that I am used to and so I felt at home even though the class was new (which sounds crazy)

      It did take me the whole year to get up the courage to go…


  2. You’re so brave for doing this, you should be really proud of yourself. And you’re definitely going back – perhaps not a lot of people go back because he calls them all “young lady”?!


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