Winds of Change…

Good afternoon 🙂 I thought I would write a quick housekeeping post  to let you know about my planned blog format changes.

early 90s music reference anyone :-D
early 90s music reference anyone 😀

In my What Next post I mentioned that was thinking of changing the type of posts I do on here, I was considering doing a once or twice a week workout round up, instead of daily updates full of “what I did next” details. I have decided that this is the way to go.

I am going to do, probably on a monday, a round up of all my workouts in a week.

This will free me up to tell you more of my thoughts about issues in the health and fitness industry.

I will also tell you of any particularly exciting things that I do, like awesome dancing weekends, new challenges or particularly important steps in my superhero quest…

In fact I may end up posting even more, but hopefully more interesting content 🙂

Any feedback on this is welcome 😀


12 thoughts on “Winds of Change…

    1. that will definitely be documented…but I thought I would wait until I had written my “I think I am stupid and am now terrified post!” 😉

      I really am terrified!!


      1. it might be full of exclaimation marks and profanity…

        although my mum would have told me off for profanity over the internet (she didn’t see a lot of what is out there…) so maybe just exlaimation marks…

        because half marathons are a stupid idea!


      2. So you’re going to do a full one instead? 😉
        Yeah, I don’t really swear in my blog either as my mum reads it! Though sometimes it’s hard to hold back in the comments 😉


      3. aaaargh!

        what am I turning into!!!

        just promise to beat me over the head (from a distance maybe) if I ever say I am considering a marathon!


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