Winds of Change…

Good afternoon 🙂 I thought I would write a quick housekeeping post  to let you know about my planned blog format changes.

early 90s music reference anyone :-D
early 90s music reference anyone 😀

In my What Next post I mentioned that was thinking of changing the type of posts I do on here, I was considering doing a once or twice a week workout round up, instead of daily updates full of “what I did next” details. I have decided that this is the way to go.

I am going to do, probably on a monday, a round up of all my workouts in a week.

This will free me up to tell you more of my thoughts about issues in the health and fitness industry.

I will also tell you of any particularly exciting things that I do, like awesome dancing weekends, new challenges or particularly important steps in my superhero quest…

In fact I may end up posting even more, but hopefully more interesting content 🙂

Any feedback on this is welcome 😀


12 thoughts on “Winds of Change…

      1. it might be full of exclaimation marks and profanity…

        although my mum would have told me off for profanity over the internet (she didn’t see a lot of what is out there…) so maybe just exlaimation marks…

        because half marathons are a stupid idea!


      2. So you’re going to do a full one instead? 😉
        Yeah, I don’t really swear in my blog either as my mum reads it! Though sometimes it’s hard to hold back in the comments 😉


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