This has to Stop: Follow up

Good morning people 🙂

After my post yesterday about the worrying use of the term “thinspiration” by a popular magazine, I started to think that just posting on here was not enough.

I have just emailed the magazine publishers explaining the problem I have with their terminology.

I rarely feel compelled to do that sort of thing, but there is no point complaining about something that you are unprepared to try to change. If the magazine genuinely do not know the origins of this word I feel that it should at least be pointed out to them.

This is what I wrote:

I recently saw your magazine in the shops. I was shocked to see the word “thinspiration” blazoned across the front.
I do not know if you are aware that the origin of thinspiration is in the pro ana / mia movement that promotes eating disorders as a lifestyle choice.
I feel sure that this is not a choice you wish to promote and cannot possibly be aware of this association. However, it is a short google search from seeing your headline to arriving at the pro ana sites that could influence people’s thinking.
In addition to this the use of language such as this can be triggering for those living with eating disorders.
I hope you acknowledge the seriousness of this issue and attempt to steer clear of this sort of imagery in the future.
“thin” is not the aspiration, healthy and fit are”
thank you
Samantha Catchpole

I hope they take notice, but to be honest, I am not holding my breath.

This was just a short post, as I wanted you all to know 🙂


I have also put the same mesage on their facebook page as a comment and sent them it as a message.

I have also emailed the Head of PR for Hearst Magazine UK who own Reveal.


21 thoughts on “This has to Stop: Follow up

  1. Excellent phrasing, I feel like I should contact them as well – maybe everyone should and they might sit up and take a little notice!


    1. thank you 🙂
      I was trying to remain polite so they actually think about it. I am 99% convinced that they just want to sell magazines so don’t care but you never know.

      Yes! I think you should contact them as well!!


      1. I’m on it already! Incidentally, did you know that if you google “thinspiration” one of the top results is the wiki page for “pro-ana”?


      2. not specifically, but I knew a lot of pro ana stuff came up at the top of the search.

        I have just put the message on their FB page and emailed the head of PR for the family of magazines…
        (i’ll probably just get abuse on FB now…I slightly wish I had thought that through…)


      3. Yeah, there is a lot – the wiki page is really interesting. I think people on FB like to take sides – even if you get abuse you will also get support.


      4. I wonder how many complaints they will get! I’ve sent a comment via the website and emailed the PR people 🙂


      5. Yeay well done 🙂
        I would love to see an apology…
        except that I wouldn’t actually see it because I never actually buy their magazine…I will have to remember to keep checking on FB!


      6. no me neither…

        if for no other reason than it leads to unpleasant purpleness and passing out…

        holding your breath that is…

        it would be nice if we got some sort of reply though!


  2. Nicely done, Sam! I love how you followed through with action. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they followed up with you. In fact I’ll be hugely disappointed if they don’t. Please keep us posted.


      1. There are quite a few people on FB who are angry about it, so I can’t be the only one who wrote to them…so you never know..
        I just want them to think before they print!


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