Year 2 Week 3: Workout Compendium

I decided recapitulation was a silly word…compendium is much cooler!

Firstly, I apologise that this post didn’t happen yesterday, I had a day holiday to recover from the weekend, and forgot that it was Monday!

It has been a crazy week…well really it has been a crazy weekend which will get a whole post all of its own…but I think I remembered to write down at least some of my workouts so the memory doesn’t have to work that hard!!

PM: Insanity Fit Test!!
You know about this…I told you all about it here
As I have mentioned before it is more of a workout than you might normally consider a fit test to be…perhaps this is unsurprising considering the Insanity label!

AM: PT, which included but was no limited to,different circuits consisting of 2 strength moves with a cardio move in between, 10 reps of each move, 2 goes through the circuit. for example: 2 x (10 x clean and press, 10 x burpees, 10 x high pull) it also included a set of 10 x 60 kg deadlifts 🙂
Lunchtime: 3km walk in 44mins
PM: Insanity, Plyometric Cardio Circuits

the day I tried a new Insanity / dancing arrangement…and it might have been a mistake…It certainly made for an energetic evening…
Lunchtime: 2.7km walk in 42 mins
PM: Insanity Pure Cardio
followed 30 mins later by dancing for 2 hours.
where I danced the following:
Triskele, Our Henry, Star of the County Down, Maiden Castle, Witch Hunt, Standing Stones, Broomstick, Foulmouth cat, Spank the Monkey, Hunting Dance, Labyrinth, Avebury Ring, Raggle Taggle Gypsy, Fanny Frail.
Yes…you did read that right…I did Labyrinth…the dance I am most scared of!

The day I recovered from the Wednesday of craziness (and remembered that Insanity recovery isn’t like real people’s recovery…it is still hard, just not as jumpy!):
PM: Insanity Cardio Abs
Insanity Cardio Recovery

Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon were spent in the land of the Medieval that was Tewkesbury Medieval Festival, which included a reenactment of the Battle of Tewkesbury (which I wasn’t in) and  lot of Morris Dancing (which I was in). I will write you a lovely post with more details about the weekend later, but for now here is a summary 🙂


AM: Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance (6am no less!)
PM: Lots of walking and putting up tents…

AM: Walking around a lot
Lunchtime: 2 x dance Stands totaling 10 dances

AM: more walking around
Lunchtime: 2 x dance stands totalling 11 dances

All in all, it was a fairly energetic week!

I have to confess that I had to miss my insanity workout on Saturday, mainly because I was stuck in the middle of a field with no access to a DVD player or internet connection…
however I did a lot of dancing to make up for it…and am already back on it 😀

11 thoughts on “Year 2 Week 3: Workout Compendium

  1. Your Tuesday and Wednesday both sounded like they were crazy! Huge respect for pumping out that level of craziness two days in a row! Hey – what do you think of the new Shaun T program T25? Sounds appealing because it’s only 25 minutes. If I’m going to do a program every day, in addition to my regular rotation of exercise stuffs, I want it shorter than an hour. Have you tried it?


    1. I like the idea of it, I am considering it next…

      I like the idea of it being short, because at the moment I am doing insanity and some days not getting chance to do anythign else as well…except for the crazy days, which have to be well planned or they don’t work!

      Tuesday and wednesday seem to be my craziest days, but this weekend was much more tiring because of the heat, but I’ll put more of that into my Tewkesbury Post 🙂


    1. hahaha…that is quite scary yes!

      it may be this association that makes me scared of the dance!

      I liked recapitulation too…but compendium sounds more fun…like it might sneakily contain snakes and ladders 😀


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