Year 2 Week 6: Workout compendium

Eeeek! Sorry I didn’t get this out last week…I was surprisingly busy and on a first aid course so away from the internet input device at my desk…

Well, this week was better, not so beset with arm related craziness.

It also heralded the start of Insanity month 2…which, I discovered is much more insane that month 1! Something I didn’t think was actually possible!!

It also (thankfully) saw the UK have more sensible temperatures and less humidity. Apart from monday…there was a lot of humidity on Monday…or to give it another name…torrential rain and storms…


Lunchtime: 2.7km walk
PM: Insanity fit test…
I had improved for all of the exercises, but it was not as dramatic an improvement as the last time I took it. Some exercises I only improved by 1 or 2 reps…I have no idea why, but it could be to do with last week’s recovery / time spent fixing my arm. I was pleased that there was an improvement mind you 😀
I was supposed to do the Insanity Max Interval Circuit too, but I confess I got as far as the warm up and stopped…I don’t think doing this directly after the 30mins of fit test was a good idea, neither was starting the whole thing at 9:40 pm!!

max interval circuit
total insanity…

Lunchtime: walk 2.8km
PM: Insanity Max Interval Circuit…this is a killer!! It feels like the first day when you are broken and wondering what you are getting yourself into all over again! For a start it is an hour long rather than 40 mins…and it has things in it that were so hard I can’t even remember them!

Some of them were combinations of moves that by the time they repeated I had already forgotten the start (ski abs/pushup jacks/in and ot abs/oblique legs things…or some such thing)

Some of them were just plain crazy, switch kicks whilst holding yourself up on your hands…like in the picture over there… or side burpees…yes…like normal burpees but you jump your legs ot to the side…who knew you could make a burpee that much worse!!

To be completely honest, I had to look those up on the internet…I think I had blocked them from my memory! I was amazed at the end of this workout, mainly amazed that I hadn’t collapsed and that I had somehow got through it!!

Lunchtime: my second trip to see Sophie the sports therapist, much improved arm, but still needed a bit of attention 🙂
(yes I know that doesn’t count as exercise…but it is it is going in here!)
PM: Remember last week…and the week before when I declared that I was going to learn my lesson and not attempt to shoehorn Insanity in between work and dancing…well…I didn’t learn. I did:
Insanity: Max Cardio Conditioning…which is like the month one cardio only workout, only longer…and harder…and well…insaner…
Closely followed by 2 hours of dancing!


woohoo 🙂
Lunchtime: Thursday was the first day for ages that I actually managed to get a run in at lunchtime 😀 woohoo!!!

and it was awesome! I hadn’t run for ages (1 month to be exact) so I wasn’t expecting great things…I set off with no set intervals and plan, and somehow, managed to run my longest continuous run ever…26 whole minutes 😀

I guess insanity is doing its job and making me fitter, and I have finally managed to convince my brain that it is actually possible for me to run in chunks of longer than 6 mins!

PM: the evening brought Insanity Max Cardio Recovery… which to be completely honest is just a slower way to torture me…not a gentle recovery at all! I guess that is what happens in month 2!!

It involved a lot of plie  squatting and holding  and planing and side planking and all sorts of crazy stuff that are definitely more painful than any “recovery


AM: Friday saw a return to PT! My arm was not 100% fixed…but it was getting there so early morning PT was the order of the day! we spent some time doing my physio exercises as Sophie had been speaking to matt and making him bully me into doing them…more or less the whole rest of the time we spent doing some HIIT and boxing! lots of boxing!

Lunchtime: 3km walk


Saturday was the day I went to investigate a whole new place to get another tattoo done, I am not going to tell you about it now, I will when I get it though I promise! Suffice to say, the tattoo shop is 2 hours away from home, but has won awards 😀
This doesn’t count as exercise mind you…so I did:
Insanity: Max Interval Circuit! and it broke me again…I am sure I did more of it, but it is not an easy thing!!


ON Sunday I attempted to return to Pilates…

I failed…

But it wasn’t my fault, Sarah the instructor was on holiday so there was a “stretch and tone” class on in its place.

SO I went to that…

on balance…I wouldn’t go again.

I was not really stretched or toned by the end of the class, and I barely broke a sweat!

However, it was ok as a rest day activity…I definitely prefer Pilates though!!

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