Year 2, week 7: Workout extravaganza!

Ok…probably not really an extravaganza as such…but  I felt like a change from compendium!

st john
there is no s…who knew?

Three days last week I was holed up in a training room learning how to put people back together after various forms of disaster and damage! Or to put it another way, I was on a first aid at work course…

I now have a moderate amount of knowledge on how to sit people down in a lot of different ways and ask them a lot of seemingly random questions…which all allow me to (hopefully) figure out the best treatment…or at least the best thing to do until someone with more knowledge comes along…

It is good knowledge to have mind you…and you never know I could help….If I don’t freeze or pass out…I am slightly too squeamish to be a first aider really…

so aside from first aid goodness that left me with carpet burned knees (poor trouser choice on CPR day…) I did some other, more active stuff:


Lunchtime: Walk 2.6km

Yes...that one!!
Yes…that one!!

PM: Run…woohoo I actually managed to go for a run…again!!

This time I went with my friend Lisa you may remember her from the colour run and the great south 5k…

We decided to go along the downs link, and to do about 5km…we did 5 min run 1 min walk intervals and for almost the first time ever I managed to run without music! I know this doesn’t sound like much of an achievement…but it is for me 😀 we also managed to chat as we went.

Sadly…I have very little evidence that this run actually occurred as I forgot to turn strava on…:-( so I have no idea what the pace was or anything! the app that I used to measure the intervals reckons we went 5.15km but that is all the information I have!!

It did happen though…honestly!


AM: PT!! which was odd…as it felt like only 5 mins since I had my last PT session! It was excellent, my bicep/shoulder  was still not 100% so we did more shoulder strengthening exercises, at Sophie’s direction…

I sometimes think it s a bad thing when your PT and your Sports Therapist are friends…

we also did a lot of boxing and kickboxing, including a session of 360 defence which is awesome 🙂

Lunchtime: 3km walk

PM: Insanity Max interval circuit


Lunchtime: 2.7km walk around crawley…of all places…

ok…you are likely not local, Crawley is not as salubrious as it could be…

PM: Insanity Max Plyo Circuit O_o

Followed by 2 hours of dancing…

yes…I did that again…

no…I will probably never learn!!


Yup! that was me!
Yup! that was me!

Thursday was crash day…and I mean real complete can hardly move with tiredness crash day.

I don’t know why, maybe a result of a crazy Tuesday and Wednesday, maybe a reaction to lots of learning and pictures of horrific injuries

(First aid course remember…not just weird internet searches)

I managed to squeeze in a 30 min walk in my lunchbreak, and then somehow fall asleep for the whole evening…on the sofa at about 8pm then I gave up and went to bed at 9:30…I haven’t been in bed at 9:30 since I was about 12!

I guess sometimes you just need the sleep!


Lunchtime: 1.6km walk

PM Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning

Normal service was resumed…I suppose having 10.5 hours sleep in one go occasionally does you good!


dancing with my eyes closed
dancing with my eyes closed

Saturday was dancing day 😀

dancing day that seemed like it might have been on the twee side as when we turned up it looked suspiciously like a summer fete…

however, we were proved wrong…

It was a summer fair, but it was busy and people were very enthusiastic about us, even asking if we had CDs of our music and such like 😀

we did 3 sets, two lots of stand alone dances and the kings me story 🙂

I can safely say, fun was had by all 🙂



AM: Pilates!

woohoo Sarah returned from holiday and I managed to get myself there…it was an excellent class 🙂 My injured arm only stopped me doing one thing, which involved sitting leaning back propped on your arms which is the extreme end of the range of movement in the direction that my arm was hurt so I wasn’t surprised that it hurt!

however, I was so pleased to be back at Pilates 😀 It is exactly the right exercise to do on a Sunday 😀

11 thoughts on “Year 2, week 7: Workout extravaganza!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I was, I have now managed to pick up another muscle pull which is causing it to hurt when i breathe…I am seriously considering allowing myself a rest day…surely one a year can’t hurt… But it feels like giving up 😦


      1. Okay, I’m not going to tell you what to do, but I will share my perspective.

        Setting a goal, like the 365-day challenge, is concrete – something to work towards – something that has a clear path to success: workout every day for a year and you achieved the goal!

        You’ve done that! You proved you’re capable and committed and have what it takes.

        When I came to the end of my 365-days, I struggled with “what next?”. As you know I’ve tried out a few different ‘challenges’ to set up as milestones or mini projects to achieve. But none of those has felt exactly right yet.

        I think the issue is that I feel like I have something to prove to the world. Like there was something bigger than 365-days-of-exercise that I’m now capable of. And maybe I am. But the real question is: why do I feel the need to prove myself to the world? Why is it not enough that I’m winning at the biggest challenge of all: living a healthier life.

        So… I guess what I’m saying is – I totally get it, but I’m also saying, it’s okay to listen to your body and take a rest (or even just do activities that take it down a notch in intensity) every now and again (or even for days or weeks at a time) because YOU ARE LIVING A HEALTHY LIFE. You aren’t that unhealthy, overweight, eat-bad-stuff-and-don’t-move-enough gal you were before you started this. You are strong. You are healthy. You are capable. You can do anything you set your mind to.

        Set your mind to doing what feels good and right for you at this stage in your journey. Don’t just do what you feel you must in order to hit 365 X 2…

        My two cents. Feel free to tell me if I’ve completely misread the situation. 🙂



      2. Thank you 😀 you are amazing!! That is exactly how I feel!
        I know in my logical brain that I am on a much healthier path and one day resting because breathing hurts will not derail all the good work but there is still a part of me that is scared that I will just revert back to what I was!
        Thank you so much, you make so much sense!! Xxx


      3. Yay!! I was hoping I wasn’t totally overstepping and projecting my own feelings on you.

        I would never think less of you for going a bit easier because you needed it. I’m not sure why I think others will think less of me if I do the same. 😦


      4. It is funny isn’t it, I could say all those things to you and would never think less of you for going easier if you needed it, but somehow my brain doesn’t let me apply the logic to myself!!


  1. Pilates is my end of week workout too 🙂
    Glad you clarified that you weren’t looking up that stuff on the internet. I might have recommended Crash the movie 😉


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