After 418 days, I had to take a rest day!

rest-dayI did it, I rested.

I did not do any exercise, I did some walking but not much.

And, you know what, it is okay! 

I had a hard time deciding to take a genuine actual rest day, but we need them sometimes. Rest days actually help performance apparently, they allow your body to heal and fix its self and can actually lead to an increase in performance. 

I chose the sensible route for once, I managed to pick up a slight muscle strain in my chest / shoulder (probably related to the bicep thing that is healing) and it meant that it hurt to breathe. I cam to the conclusion that breathing was important and exercising while I was only really capable of shallow breathing led to dizziness and possibly falling over. 

I didn’t want that…

so I thought of you lovely people and what I would tell you if you wanted a rest day…

and I ignored myself because apparently it is impossible to follow your own advice.

so I asked Nancy from My Years of Sweat and she saw into my head straight away and reminded me that I was not the same person I was 418 days ago. 

I am no longer the person who would let 1 rest day become a week then a month then eat all the food in the world…

Nancy pointed out that I have done my statement 365 and proved I can and that because of it I have come out a stronger person, one who can be sensible enough to take one day of rest without falling back into old habits. 

I realised then that this is my new lifestyle and I don’t actually want to stop exercising, I don’t want to stop living healthierly (shhh that is a word) and there is no reason I should be scared to give my body time to heal if it needs it.

It also occurred to me that, the reason I have been having so many little annoying injuries and tiredness and such recently might be exactly because of my lack of rest days…

It probably doesn’t need an entire blog post to explain one rest day, but even at the end of the day when I went to bed, I felt I should be leaping up to do some squats for fear of letting you all down!

I didn’t do any by the way…I went to sleep instead!

Maybe it is a Thursday thing!

only I didn't have beer...
only I didn’t have beer…


9 thoughts on “After 418 days, I had to take a rest day!

  1. I know this was hard to do (taking a rest day) and even harder to write about (telling the world you did), but you did the right thing! You are training to be a personal trainer — and your studies have told you that the body needs a rest day to recover from intense training. What you are doing is the right thing. You’ll be living your healthiest life when you honour your body by pushing it hard AND also allowing it to recover.

    Brava, Sam! Well done!


  2. Hi Ice Badger! I’ve been reading your comment on Nancy’s blog for a long time now and I thought I’d check in and see what you are up to…and yes, rest days are VERY important….I sprained my ankle about 10 days ago and it is driving me crazy because I so very miss my walking/hiking. But if I push it I risk making the pain AND recovery even worse. Rest days are very important…..glad to see you made it through! ~Kathy


    1. Hi Kathy 🙂
      Thanks for reading and for your comment! You are so right, not resting when you should just makes mattes worse! It seems so logical when I think about it in relation to other people!! I hope your ankle gets better soon, I know how painful sprains are!!
      Sam x


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