Year 2 Week 10: Workout Wash Out!

Good afternoon and welcome to the round up of my worst week’s exercise since June 2013! I mean, it had its highlights, exercise wise, but it also had its lows…

and in the spirit of washing out…it had some very very wet and muddy episodes!


You know those days when you shouldn’t go for a run, but you do anyway and it is rubbish…well that was Monday! It was horribly rainy but I decided to go any way. this was probably my first mistake…

surprisingly cheerful looking considering the rubbish run!
 I set off despite the rain, I went to horsham park because I felt like a change and I started going, the first 7 min interval was pretty good, I was reasonably consistent and going pretty well…

It went down hill from there, for some reason, I couldn’t pick up my stride again, I couldn’t get my breathing right and I just kept thinking I am soggy over and over again!

I cut the whole thing short in the end at just over 3km…it was just worth writing off!

on the plus side, it was something, at least I got out there and moved around even though it was raining…


Tuesday was PT day. I suspect you probably guessed that! there was a tiny difference mind you…I was off work so instead of having PT at 7am, I had it at 8am…

ok that is not that much better but I was a little bit more awake! It was a fun session 🙂 they are always fun sessions to be honest but this one involved lots of exciting new hip opening stuff, which to be honest is not particularly pleasant, but it is important and necessary, especially for the sitting down in the office all day people we are all (mostly) becoming!
Aside from that we kept the new order of boxing first and strength second, which again made my legs hate me…although in truth that might have been the heavy squats (up to 60 kg) and the heavy deadlifts (up to 70kg 🙂 ) that I was doing…

what ever it was…I ended up with  DOMS for the first time in ages 😀

Wednesday was a rest day, well…sort of, it was a travel day which involved about 10 hours of driving, or in may case being a passenger! I walked as much as I could but there are limits when there is a lot of driving happening…

muddy soggy rainy chaos!
muddy soggy rainy chaos!

the other inhibiting factor was the sheer amount of muddy rainy chaos that greeted us when we arrived at the Great Dorset Steam Fair!

the ground was sodden and churned up by tractor wheels, we had to battle mayhem and stranded cars to even get to our camping pitch!!

any plans I had to go for a run that evening went out of the window…my trainers would be lost in the mud in no time!!

we eventually got through the chaos, towing vehicles with us to stop them shouting at us, and the 3 land rovers went back to help pull people out of the mud…

it was an interesting start to the holiday…

Thursday and Friday
these two days are getting a joint entry because the exercising that happened on both of them was more or less the same…lots and lots of walking…and lots and lots and lots of mud!!

there were also some steam engines…and some mud…did I mention there was mud?

did you notice the mud?
 this was thursday, there was a lot of walking around…so you see the step count…

25,796 steps…that was 18.8km of walking.

and the walking was mostly through mud that was between 2″ and 12″ thick…it was a challenge, you should definitely get extra step points for walking in mud, it is like walking in sand only really sticky sand that tries to eat your shoes if you pause for more than 2s!!

the DOMs in my legs from Tuesday morning was exacerbated by all this!!

so that was thursday…then friday looked like this:

yep...there was more rain no hope of any mud drying out!
yep…there was more rain overnight…so no hope of any mud drying out!

16,410 steps is “only” 11 km…which was still in mud!!

these days also made me reach the end of my tether with my basis…

I have noted before that on short or slow walks where you take a few steps and stop (for example looking at stalls) it registers less steps…but on thursday when my phone registered 25000 steps, my basis registered 17000, I was observing it closely and I observed it completely ignoring steps that I take…

it is great for runs / walks that are continuous and on relatively hard surfaces, but I think the soft ground and slow walking threw it off…as such I have decided to sell it and try another one!! Update to follow!!


Saturday involved more walking, but nothing like as much, and more standing…and a good amount of photographing someones wedding which was a mildly terrifying experience!

actually it was a completely terrifying but good fun experience!!


Sunday was pilates and Study!!

woohoo I loved pilates and it actually managed to ease off some of the aches in my legs…or possibly it just evened out the aches…but I still enjoyed it!!


and that was my week…variable in terms of exercise, some very good points and some really rubbish ones exercise wise…I promise to do better next week!!


8 thoughts on “Year 2 Week 10: Workout Wash Out!

  1. Hey Sam, just an FYI – this post did not hit my Reader, nor did I get an email notification about it. Found it when I clicking on your blog and then scrolled down past your wordless Wednesday post.

    Your week certainly was muddy! Very interesting that the Basis was so far off, in terms of calculating your steps. Crazy! What device was counting your steps those days?

    Looking forward to hearing about which tracker you end up with. I’m pretty happy with my FitBit Flex. I recently saw an ad for a new Samsung fitness watch that looked pretty cool.


    1. I think it is because I posted it i error on monday with only 1 line in it, it thinks it was a draft…I should probably have started again in a new post!

      I was using the step counter app on my phone which is usually pretty accurate, but not always convenient because you cant carry your phone at all times…I had two tracking apps going on my phone and they both came out about the same and always used to be about the same as the fitbit!

      I quite wish I had never changed away from my fitbit flex to be honest but I got used to having the screen and the facility to use it to tell the time because it is hard to wear a watch at the same time…

      did I mention the mud? there was a lot of mud :-S


      1. I think the on-wrist read-out of stats would be very convenient, but I guess I’m just used to quickly popping the app up on my phone to check my stats, so it’s not that big a deal.

        You’re right – wearing a watch on the same wrist as the fitbit is tricky. I find I haven’t been wearing a watch much lately (using my phone for time). When I do wear one, because I’m dressing up, I throw my fitbit on the other wrist. Not the best solution, but so far it’s worked.


      2. my problem..(in the loosest sense of the word because it is totally my own fault) is that I have a load of tie on bracelets on my other wrist that make wearing anything else on it inconvenient…they are a bit silly but quite sentimental…

        I will see how the new one goes, it is a Garmin vivofit which is basically the same as the fitbit force but you can sync it with your chest hr monitor when running or doing stuff…which is handy, and Garmin are a brand I trust 🙂

        If I hadn’t sold it to my friend I would have just reverted back to the flex!


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