Year 2 Week 12: compendium of ache making!

or to put it another way…work out summary of the week before now…last week I mean…

ok…shh..I’ll get on with it! This is going to be a quick overview as some of these things deserve their own posts 😀


Monday was a walking day, it was not a nothing day as I needed to keep my legs moving after the race. But the activity of the day was walking 🙂
Walk 3km

no I didn’t take the chip timing tag of my shoe yet…shhh!

Tuesday was running 🙂 no, for once it was not PT!! I ran straight after work, which means I don’t (yet) have to go in the dark and I don’t have to remotivate myself once I have got home…which is a tricky one!
it was an ok run, I went 6.5km around the area I normally use for my lunchtime runs, which was a little odd as I kept thinking it was the middle of the day. Apart from the fact that were lots of other runners about…all of whom said hi or smiled at me 😀
my legs were still a bit heavy from Sunday, but all in all not bad 🙂


Wednesday was a good day 😀 on Wednesday there was both PT and dancing!! a good start and a good end to the day 😀 I am fairly sure the middle was good too…
PT involved such awesome things as boxing, deadlifts, snatches and the joys of tabata :-S
Dancing of course involved…well…dancing…lots and lots of it 😀


Thursday was deemed tricky…my legs were feeling the effects of PT and dancing, and I was as usual wiped out (I can’t work out why this always happens on a Thursday!) so I declared Thursday rest day. I am allowed those now, as long as they are not frequent…I have learned that sometimes they are the best thing for you!! It wasn’t a total washout energy expenditure wise…It was one of the few days at work that I actually spent standing for the whole day rather than at my desk, so that is something!!


IMG_4540[1]Friday was another run day 🙂 I am slightly getting the hang of this…
as work now finishes at 1pm on a Friday, I made my way out to the downs link at Copsale and ran to just beyond West Grinstead station. This route is much less scary in the light 😀

I felt generally better than I did on Tuesday, but my legs were still mostly held together with compression leggings…

I also noticed that I am getting much more calf tightness again

this caused me to go home and investigate my running shoes, in comparison to my old running shoes that were condemned by the running shop…

and I discovered that they were more worn out than my old ones, which may explain the calf pain…and the fact that I can feel all the rocks on the trail!


this is what my feet look like now!
this is what my feet look like now!

Saturday saw an impromptu trip to the running shop in horsham. My plan to buy the same pair again from the interweb was foiled by mizuno discontinuing my shoe 😦
having flat, severe over pronating feet, gave me very little choice, I tried the replacements for the ones I had which had been changed a lot and felt too flat, I also tried the Saucony Omni 13…which is what I got!
I took them straight out for a run, against the advice of the running shop who said I should wear them at home first…

I felt like trying a new thing, and I didn’t want to be out all day, so I thought I would give sprint intervals a go…after a warm up of about 10 mins walking then jogging, I did 17 mins of 30s sprint 30s walk…
it was blooming hard work! I had jelly legs at the finish!


Sunday was a whole day of awesome! and is going to get a whole post all to its self…but for now I will say that it was my Functional Training training course, for a part of my PT course. I spent 7 hours playing with BOSUs, SAQ ladders, Swill Balls, Medicine balls and core bags. and when I say playing I mean learning and inventing new and crazy exercises to do with them 😀 It was hard work…and it was lots of fun, and I passed 😀 😀

12 thoughts on “Year 2 Week 12: compendium of ache making!

  1. Sprint intervals is blooming hard work!! 🙂 (And a great boost to your metabolism, I think!) I need to stop doing the jog/walk intervals and go back to sprints. I usually do those on the treadmill though, and I haven’t seen the inside of a gym in a long time = no treadmill. 😦

    And YAY on the functional training! Can’t wait to hear more about that!


    1. I loved the sprints, it was so hard, but actually quite good fun, and nice to do it outside 😀

      i can’t even begin to imagine sprinting on a treadmill…but I am aware these things work for other people…somehow!

      functional training was so much fun! I will write a whole post about it tomorrow 😀


      1. when I went in to buy my new shoes…the man offered to let me try them out, either outside or I could go on the treadmill…I looked at him in horror and opted for outside…
        I told him treadmills were terrifying, he looked a little confused poor man!


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