Run or Dye…

On Saturday, I ran the Run or Dye 5km race in London. It was quite good fun and looked like this…

sunglasses are essential for this type of run…also loook I have dreadlocks (although they are sadly gone now)
lots of people queuing…this is England after all… (we got to bypass the queue woohoo)
look how clean we were!
not so clean at the end…

me (note to self...belt with phone etc under t-shirt is not the most flattering look...)
(note to self…belt with phone etc under t-shirt is not the most flattering look…)

it was a good run, as you may have already guessed I ran it with Rachel πŸ™‚ we decided we needed a few events before the (eeek) half marathon next year, and as Rachel had not run in an event before, it seemed like this was a good one to start with πŸ™‚ it was a 5k, it was fun and not intimidating and we stood a chance of being a long way from last πŸ˜€

In fact we were a really long way from last πŸ˜€ we finished it in (according to my phone) 36 mins…which is my fastest ever 5k time!! I do however think that my gps was a bit off in km 5 as it said we did it in just over 5 mins, however, the rest seemed ok and if we did it in the same time as the others (just over 7mins) it was still the fastest 5k I have ever done πŸ˜€

this surprised me somewhat!

my conclusion is…running with Rachel is good for both of us! She is naturally faster, so she makes me go faster, I can generally run for longer so I make her walk less…which all put together means we are good for pushing each other πŸ˜€

all in all a very successful experiment!

and…just as a reminder, to my self mainly, of how far I have come…this is a little comparison of this year with the last colour run I did…which was almost exactly a year ago!

what a difference a year makes!!
what a difference a year makes!!

23 thoughts on “Run or Dye…

      1. I ran a 5k on Saturday where I did a 5 min warm up walk, followed by 5 min run, 2 min walk for the duration, but then a 4 min cool down walk during my final stretch (uphill + up stairs) with a better finish than I’ve had in a while. 36 mins inclusive of the 9 mins of warm up and cool down. Still not as good as my 5k race time last Dec but better than any recent run.


      2. that is excellent πŸ™‚

        I think 5 mins are my best intervals at the moment…I can sustain longer runs at 5 min intervals and it is distance I really need to work on πŸ™‚


      3. it really is, I haven’t managed a training run over 7km yet mainly through time constraints…

        I am going to have to find somewhere to run safely in the dark 😦


  1. Way to go! A PB πŸ˜€ I wanted to do the Run or Dye run at Castle Howard this year but it was the week after the York 10K so decided not to. Adam and I are on 5 minute run; 1 minute walk intervals at the moment. When he breaks his PB at parkrun I’ll increase the run to 6 minutes. Adam and I are like Rachel and you – Adam can run faster but I can run for longer so he pushes me to go faster during the intervals and I push him to keep running longer.

    Good luck with your training for your half marathon next year. As Nancy said, you may need to embrace the treadmill. I can’t run as fast on the treadmill but I have found that if I do use the treadmill, I can actually run faster outside.


    1. πŸ˜€ it was a lot of fun! Probably wise not to do it straight after a 10k though πŸ™‚

      I don’t think I am going to embrace any treadmills, I will just get cold and wet! I ran outside all last winter so I will do it again! Treadmills really make me panic!!


      1. I don’t mind the cold and wet, as long as I wrap up in my gloves and hat, but I hate running in the dark. May have to start running after work/college with Adam though if he keep on insisting on doing more 10K races. I think he has his mind on a 1/2 marathon at some point. Actually he said he wanted to do a Disney World Marathon as you run through all 4 parks – until I told him that was the same as just over 8 parkruns! I’d love to do that one day though.


      2. I don’t mind the dark, as long as there are streetlights, so I will just have to find myself some routes around the town…probably starting from work as there is easy parking πŸ™‚

        I am never running a marathon!! if I suggest otherwise beat me with a stick!


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