New Focus!

Well…not a new focus as much as renewed focus on the things I was losing focus on…

like my mission to become a superhero.

and my preparation for the time when Doctor Who wants me to travel in his TARDIS to far off worlds and run away from things, a lot…

I haven’t stopped, I promise, despite my lack of weekly workout posts, I promise I haven’t stopped. I am still doing a workout in some form or other at least 6 days out of 7!

I haven’t stopped, but I have plateaued.

I am not really improving with my running, I am not really getting much stronger, I am not getting any lighter…

I shall be as focused as this very focused cat!

I know what happened, as I reached the end of my 365 I started to worry that I would lose focus, so I set myself new goals and started insanity and then convinced myself that I wasn’t going to lose focus…

and just when I thought I was safe…I lost focus

a lot of things happened, work, study, wedding photography, life in general…

and I just haven’t been concentrating on my own progression as much as I should have been!

As I said, I haven’t gone backwards, I haven’t stopped, I have just stopped progressing.

So, I am going to treat myself like a client. On my personal training course I have learned to assess clients and work out goals and programs to help them achieve their goals, so I have decided to apply the same principles to myself!

I don’t think I want to look like that though…

I know this should be an obvious step, it really shouldn’t have been hard to realise that this is what I need to do, but for some reason it was.

I am often guilty (as I know many people are) of giving good advice to others and ignoring it myself, but this has to stop.

on day 365 of the project I was so happy with my progress and my achievement but I knew then that I had more to do, I just didn’t consider exactly how to go about it.

Last year’s method of doing something active (anything active) every day and eating sensibly was a good one, it worked and it got me this far, but I think the time has come to develop a more structured approach if I want to reach the next level.

After all…I can’t expect anyone else to do things I am not prepared to do myself!

So that is exactly what I am going to do.

I have set myself up a spreadsheet similar to that I have made for my PT course guinea pig with all the measurements and fitness tests I have to do and I am going to set myself short medium and long-term goals and develop a strategy for achieving them. Once I have filled in more of the sheet and made a new plan I will share it all with you.

But for now, I leave you with the knowledge that I am back on this journey with a vengeance πŸ˜€



14 thoughts on “New Focus!

  1. Okay, first off: YAY for the awesomeness of this post. I plateaued many months ago, and while I haven’t gained anything back or lost any physical capability, I have also NOT progressed any further. so, secondly, I want a copy of this plan…PRETTY PLEASE!!! I definitely need both structure and focus – especially as I consider making yet another change – one that will have me possibly having even less flexibility in my daily schedule. I’ll need to REALLY focus on a structured plan for my workouts – or else there is a chance I’ll backslide.
    Also, I need to start training for April 2015 when I do BLR 2.0. πŸ™‚


    1. πŸ˜€ I decided that there is no reason why I can’t do it! I have the knowledge and I have done the training so I should apply the principles to myself!

      I can do you a spreadsheet too and set up a dropbox, then you can enter details into it too I can send you the lifestyle exercise questionnaire thing too and we can see if we can put together a plan πŸ™‚


      1. that seems fair πŸ™‚

        I compeltely forgot it was your birthday, sorry!

        Happy birthday!!

        (it is my half birthday, but according to many people this is not something you celebrate past the age of about 11)


      2. awww! well they are awesome, and celebrated only by a select few adults and most children (well maybe…)

        yours will be 16th April!

        convincing anyone to buy you pressies on them is harder mind you…


  2. And now I shall do the self-absorbed thing and make this all about me: OMG wedding photography and fitness. You are triggering me. I need to do things that burn calories because I’m getting married in 6 months. Instead, do you know what I am doing? Drinking wine and eating pizza. And it’s fantastic.


    1. πŸ˜€
      To be fair you only need things that burn calories if you want that…it is not obligatory to lose weight for a wedding πŸ™‚
      I’ll be your wedding photographer πŸ™‚ location might be an issue mind you πŸ˜€

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