1st Step Towards New Focus: The Reasons I am Running

Reading half marathon

As I have mentioned before, I have agreed to run Reading Half Marathon.

As I have also mentioned before, I do not a believe I am a natural runner, nor am I anywhere near my ideal weight for running.

I have been faffing around, training, then not training for a week or so then doing a bit more and generally not putting as much effort in as I should be.

As part of my re-focusing I had a bit of a hard look at myself and my reasons for not running, and they are all stupid. I kept thinking that I don’t like running, I kept thinking that the pressure of having to run was making me not want to.

Then I noticed that these are all big fat excuses! I was looking for “reasons” not to run rather than just getting on and running!

just get running!
just get running!

A few weeks ago, I made Rachel do an exercise in motivation where I got her to write down the reason(s) she decided to run the Reading Half Marathon.

It was a good thing to do, it focuses your mind on the positive and the reasons why you want to do something rather than the excuses why you shouldn’t.

So as part of my remotivate and focus exercise last week, I did the same thing myself. I asked my self to complete the following sentence…

“I want to run Reading Half Marathon because…”

and this is what I came up with…

I want to run Reading half marathon to prove that anyone can learn to run no matter what shape and size they are!

I want to run reading half marathon to prove to myself that I can.

I want to run reading half marathon to support my friend Rachel

I want to run reading half marathon to save some bears from horrible torture!

Even while I was doing this exercise I had to readjust my thinking. My first instinct was “I want to run reading half marathon…well actually I don’t really want to”

I did think that, I admit it, but then I thought further…and it is just not true.

I do want to run the race!

I didn’t agree under duress, I decided to because I wanted the challenge, I wanted to help Rachel out and I wanted to prove something to myself and the world.

I chose to do this thing of my own free will and it was about time I started to remember that!

I realised that every time I said “I didn’t want to do it” or “It is a stupidly long way” or even when I declared that I was not a natural runner, that I was reinforcing my own negative thoughts. I was essentially pouring negativity on myself in such large quantities that I was washing away my normally positive outlook!

I wouldn’t put up with this from other people, so I am not putting up with it from myself!

I just hadn’t noticed what a demotivating effect this had been having on me!

So from now on I am going to remember why I chose to do this…after all I did choose it 😀 I am going to print my reasons out in large print ans stick them up somewhere prominent! 😀

If nothing else…I really really want to raise money to save bears!!

go check them out!

On the subject of saving bears, Hauser Bears (my chosen charity) sent me a t-shirt to raise awareness for them 😀 they really are a lovely charity and do awesome work saving bears from horrible situations!!

Go and look at them!!


and if you want to contribute to my crazy half marathon fund then go here 🙂


and just to prove that I am back on this training kick, in the last 9 days I have run 4 times 😀 3 x 5 km and 1 x 6km 😀

now all I need to do is continue the momentum!

Oh yes…and there is this:


Can’t forget the chance that I might have to run to the TARDIS one day!

20 thoughts on “1st Step Towards New Focus: The Reasons I am Running

  1. I had similar feelings about my last 10K. The thing that motivated me was that I told myself ‘You don’t have to do this’ so I decided I wasn’t going to; then I realised that I actually wanted to do it, so I did. Strange how well reverse psychology can work, even when you use it on yourself… or maybe that’s just me. 😉
    Anyway, good decision on your part and some great reasons for running. Best of luck. You’re going to be awesome 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw, well done, Miss Sam! I love this post. I love the idea of a remotivation/refocus exercise – and I think I should do one of those myself. Not for running, per se :-), but in general, about my fitness goals. Or maybe about running. We’ll see. 🙂

    Sorry for the late comment on this one. It’s been a wild and hairy day here with all the “stuff” going on… It’s always the ending of the one thing that is the hardest part (before joining the new thing, I mean). GAH! I hate it! Anyhoo… I’m babbling… so off I go to continue the drama…


    1. This refocussing process is helping even more than i thoight it would be! I am even more determined to do well now! I surprised myself!
      I completely understand what you mean about ending one thing…it is always hard! And crazy things get very crazy very quickly!! Have good drama 🙂


      1. always tricky when egos are involved. this is why I prefer corporate to a privately-owned situation. corporate bosses tend to take it less personally.


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