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Really People? Really?

You know I have a vague obsession with stats and data and suchlike…

Data and spot


That wasn’t where I was originally going with this post, but I got a tiny bit distracted by Star Trek and Data with is cat Spot πŸ˜€

Sorry…back on track now…

So you know I like data, well probably like every other wordpressian out there I from time to time (read obsessively) check the search engine terms that lead people to my site…

for a (n essensially) fitness site there are a lot of obvious ones (body pump, squat challenge etc)

But I have to mention the top scoring search term that brings people to my site…

you may be surprised to note that the search term that brings people to my site most often is:

“why does it take 365 days between one midsummer and the next”



I took a screen shot inΒ case the skeptics out there disbelieved me!search terms

why has this been searched for 9 times?

why has this been searched for at all!!??

really people?


that is all!


  1. You will of course now have to change your blog name in 2016 to avoid confusing people. Admittedly only people who ask that question in the first place, so maybe not something to be too concerned about.


    • hahaha yes…

      I am seriously considering adding a tagline to the header of my blog saying
      “if you got here by googling why there are 365 days between midsummers, leave immediately this is not the place for you!”
      but they probably wouldn’t read it!


  2. oh dear. πŸ™‚
    and now you’ve reminded me to go check my search terms. it’s been far too long (work and such). I’m sure there are some doozies in there. :-S


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