It is New Paddington Day!!

For the uninitiated amongst you a Paddington bear in my wierd brain equates to a personal best.

it even says PB on his case!!
it even says PB on his case!!

There is (un)complicated reasoning involving the similarity of the initial letters of each phrase and the way my brain associated things…
(if you want one, there is an explanation here…but it is fairly self explanatory)

So the PB…it was deadlifting…it is (almost) always deadlifting!

TO day I upped my personal best deadlift 1RM to 90kg!!

Yes 90kg this is a lot of kgs and sounds even more impressive if you convert it into pounds…

90kg = 198lbs!!

It is 5kg higher than my last PB of 85kg from a couple of weeks ago! I am very excited by this!!

I was so excited that I did a little excited feet dance in the middle of the freeweights area…to the complete blank faces of all the other users who are presumably too serious to do this sort of thing when they get Paddingtons…

They probably don’t call them Paddingtons either!!

The bad news is, I fell off the running wagon again and didn’t run for about a month…I know it is rubbish after all my good intentions, I have no excuse, I just didn’t run…I lifted but I didn’t run…

The good news is…I am back on it again, and have run 3 times in the last week and intend to keep it up…I have no choice other wise my half marathon in march is going to be very unpleasant!!

some running evidence...
some running evidence…

I have gone back to week 3 of my training app, but that (just) gives me enough time!! I am determined to put in a good effort at least!

THe funny thing about it was I found the 3 min intervals doable, and easier as the week progressed…I guess it comes back easier than I thought!

I promise (again) to keep it up an to keep you all posted!!

I did realise that I really need to do out my thermal long sleeved baselayers mind you…it has turned really cold!

No…I am still not braving the treadmill!!

All in all a  pretty good week so far 🙂 I am going to do a snoopy happy dance in its honour!

happy dance!
happy dance!

4 thoughts on “It is New Paddington Day!!

  1. YAY for Paddington Bears!!! That is so freaking awesome!!!
    And on the running coming back to you, YES! I totally get that.
    I thought I would be sucking air and coughing up a lung when I hit the treadmill at the hotel gym Tues morning. Imagine my surprise when I was able to do 3X 10 min run intervals with only 1 minute rest in between. Crazy!


    1. I am so proud if my paddington 🙂
      I was also pleased that the running was not as bad as i hooed, iit would seem that i disnt lose all ability as quickly as j though!
      Well done on 3×10 mins! This is exclent…especially on a treadmill which has the added fear factor 😛

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