I signed up for a thing…yes another thing!

This is not a scary thing… not really!

this is not the thing I have signed up for…

Not like the last thing, (my 100km craziness) or the thing before that (half what??) but a new thing that should help / encourage / force me to train for the other two things!!

Ok…I suspect you are going to need more information than that!

I signed up for a thing called Janathon. You have all probably heard of this thing, but I hadn’t until yesterday.

It is basiclly a challenge to run/jog/swim/jump up and down/do trampolining or any other assorted form of exercise every day in January.

ok so far…

you also have to blog about it every day…probably to prove you have done something…

this is the thing!! click on it for more info!

so you lovely people you are going to be regaled with tales of my workouts once more for the entire month of January. I will try to make them entertaining and not just do the same thing every day!

Click on the picture up there to sign up too…it will be fun!!

also there are prizes, although I am not sure what they are yet or what exactly they are for…

I know this is a little odd for me, and I am not normally one for starting new things in January, but I happen to need a kickstart, I have a lot of things to train for and January is soon so I may as well join in…

I am not waiting until January to do exercise by the way…that would be silly!!

I am not going to stop after January either…that would also be silly!

It just seemed like fun…and fun is good πŸ™‚

woohoo January things are happening…some of them are happening in December too but shhh!

I am going to stop now…I am making less sense than normal!

Oooh I have a new insanity work out routine to try out too…Insanity Max 30…this may also put in an appearance in January (or pre January)

ok now I am stopping…

Bye for now πŸ˜€

12 thoughts on “I signed up for a thing…yes another thing!

  1. Someone is excited about this new “thing”!!! I love your enthusiasm and can only hope that it rubs off on me… Even it it means I do more arm curls as I lift my wine glass 🍷🍷 while reading your posts! πŸ’ͺ


  2. Ooooo, I think I’ll sign up for that too. I’ve also signed up for Jantastic (www.jantastic.me) which is similar but doesn’t require the daily exercise or blogging every day – you just have to run, cycle or swim for a minimum of 3 times per week through January, February and March. You do have to pledge what your minimum is going to be though. I’m going to swim at least once a week and run at least twice a week for that one. πŸ˜€


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