Janathon day 2: done

I must remember that running in disused railway lines / footpaths surrounded by trees is scary when it is getting dark!!
Why do I always forget!!
Probably because it was light when I started and I forgot 2 things:
1) how quickly it gets dark
B) my runs are no longer over in 25mins!!
Nevertheless I went for my run today, and I tried out a new part of the downs link path. It was a successful experiment and I will go there again…but not in the dark, with zombie stories…
Running in the dark with zombie stories is always a mistake!!
No…I don’t learn from my mistakes!! You must have realised that by now :-p
Anyway…here is some photographic type evidence…


Ps…no, the sunglasses were not really necessary 😉
Pps…yes i did take them off and put them in my pocket :-p

12 thoughts on “Janathon day 2: done

    1. I will do some lunchtime runs, dark runs are ok if i go in town with streetlights, it is just the middle of the countryside that is a problem! To be honest o forgot how late it was!


      1. There are no cayotes or wild animals in the uk that would attack a human so that is ok! I was sligjtly worried about other people but was mentally planning my fight for most of the run! Iy is the ankle thong that is the problem really which is why i slowed down a lot! I did also take my head torch!
        Dark runs in lit areas from now on though!!


      2. Ankle thongs are always a problem to be honest 😛
        I blame my phone, the wordpress app on my phone doesn’t have autocorrect
        (Yes…i know that is an excuse :-p )


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