Things to do in 2015

No, I am not making new years resolutions. I don’t do that!

I start things when I think of them and consider that every day can be a new start if you want / need it to be…

In fact, when you think about it, every day marks the start of a new year, after all there are 365 days between every date and the re-occurrence of the same date the following year…

On saying that, I am setting some goals for 2015, the start of the new (official) year was the first time the craziness of christmas abated and I could have a look at the things I want to achieve in the next 6 – 12 months.

Some (a lot) of this is driven by the fact that I have signed up for some things that, if I don’t train properly for them, may kill me (probably not literally).

Some of this is driven by the fact that I lost my way a bit towards the end of last year. I maintained my motivation after my 365 project ended, up until about november. Then I lost my way a little. Not as much with the exercise as with the healthy eating.

OK…I didn’t revert back to old me…not by a long shot!

But some chocolate crept in, some snacking on (way too many) chocolate rasins and biscuits, and then of course christmas happened! Although I didn’t go overboard and eat myself silly, I did eat the wrong things more often than I should have…

So clean slate and all that, I have to confess to having put on 2.5kg. Not as bad as it could be I know, but it is a trend I do not wish to continue.

no sweets!
no sweets!

So goal number one and two for January 2015:

  •  Stop snacking on foods that contain refined sugar.
    (refined sugar…nakd bars (and the home made variety) and fruit is ok in moderation…chocolate rasins are not!)
  • Refocus on preparing healthy meals and tracking food intake via my fitness pal.

as usual my food goals are not too prescriptive… concentrating on these two things, when I actually do it properly, has served me well in the past.

I will tweak them in February if they are not working 🙂

The rest of the goals I have set for 2015 are exercise related. As I mentioned they are closely related to my two major sign ups the Reading Half Marathon on march 22nd and the Grand Union Canal 100km Challenge

so here is the list…it is a bit of a mixture of long and short term goals but writing them here keeps me accountable, you all know how it works!!

  • Janathon: I have signed up for janathon, which means I will be doing some form of exercise every day for the whole month of January. I will also be blogging about it, so be prepared for that!
  • I will run at least 3 times a week between now and the dreaded much anticipated Half Marathon (22nd March)
  • I will go on at least 1 long training walk between now and the Grand Union Challenge (27th June) (this will increase after the half marathon)
  • I will complete the new Insanity Max 30 program, and tell you all about it. I will start this no later than Monday 12th January (Shaun T is doing a challenge starting then so I may join that)
seemed like a good point to put this in again...
seemed like a good point to put this in again…

I think that is enough for now. They are all what you might call SMART goals, I can measure them, they are specific, they are achievable and they have to be completed within a time limit.

So that is that for now, you know what I am going to do, and I hereby give you permission to poke my with a pointed stick if I don’t do it!

4 thoughts on “Things to do in 2015

  1. This is so great, Sam! Love it!
    I still need to map out my big goals for 2015, but I suspect that will be on or after April 1st (day after moving dat). By then I should hopefully know where I’ll be living, can get signed up at a local gym, and reset up my home gym. Right now I’m in flux. Have let existing gym membership lapse, home gym isn’t as user friendly as it was, etc. …all in all, not the most conducive environment for workouts. 😦


    1. I had to set these goals or i wouldn’t get through the crazy things i have signed ip for! But it is good to be focussed again!!
      I am sure you will work it out, i would set short term goals until you know where you will be, take it a month at a time!


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