Janathon Day 6: Done

Or “ways to avoid getting crushed by a building”

It is Tuesday, and we all know what that means…it is PT day of course 🙂

Look how dark it was when I arrived at the gym!!
Look how dark it was when I arrived at the gym!!

and along with PT comes really blooming early start day!

I suppose that if I was capable of getting out of the house without breakfast and a cup of coffee I would be able to get up later that 5:30 for a 7am PT appointment…but even an extra half hour in bed wouldn’t compensate for my need for coffee!!

Despite the early start, the PT session was awesome! It involved me doing some pretty odd flexibility/warm up exercises, involving bear crawling across the gym and putting my feet in trx handles and walking myself backwards and forwards on my hands (a little…I managed about 4 walks of my hands before I fell down but it is something!)

there was then boxing, despite (or maybe because of) me telling matt that my legs were tight and achy from all the running, I had to do a high proportion of kicks in today’s boxing session…hard work, but fun 🙂 as always.

then came the lifting 😀
Deadlifts (5 @ 60kg and 5 @ 80kg) interspersed with straight arm pulldowns
Bench press (10 @ 30kg and 5 @ 35kg) interspersed with cable machine wood chops

It was during the bench press, that Matt decided to tell me to channel my inner superhero and pretend I was trapped under a collapsed building…this is the most helpful thing he could have possibly done., because laughing while trying to lift heavy things up is exactly what you need to do :-/

apart from that, I was glad to get back to bench presses 🙂 after my shoulder/bicep injury of last year, I haven’t done any for ages so it is nice to start building the weight back up again 😀

After all of that there was tabata. Yes, at the end, because high intensity tabata training is exactly the thing you want to do at the end of a PT session! It was alternating step jump burpees and squat jumps on and off a step 😀
Ok…technically I like it and technically I even do it voluntarily, but that is no reason for me to let matt off without mentioning it!!

So that was this morning.

then there was lunchtime…and a walk, despite the rain and the soggy floor and the achy calves I went out for my walk 🙂

yes I stood in a puddle to show you how wet it was!
yes I stood in a puddle to show you how wet it was!

It was nice to get out of the office 🙂

And you know what else this all means don’t you?

It means I can have a break from running today and let my legs loosen up! woohoo!

12 thoughts on “Janathon Day 6: Done

  1. Apparently it was a “TRX” day.. My PT had us (my wife does PT with me) using them too! They are effective though!

    And for the record, I totally agree with Shazruns. Running is way easier than lifting… But lifting does make it so T-rex arms are stronger, and helps with core – making you run better… And it gets easier (I’m told…)

    Your PT workout was a bit rougher than ours.. But She spoiled us today 🙂


    1. Lifting is so much easier…running islike a constant battle of wills!! I do enjoy it once I am out, I just have to constantly remind myself of that before I go out!!

      TRXs are awesome! I have on hanging in my kitchen doorway for when I am feeling enthusiastic 😀


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