Janathon day 9: done

Today there was walking 🙂
11km of walking in 2hours 🙂
I took advantage of my early finish Friday to go on another training walk for the Grand Union challenge.
I collected Lisa from my house (she had driven there she doesn’t live there)
Then I drove into house and accidentally pulled off the rear bumper.
After that Lisa drove us to the start of our walk and we had a pleasant afternoon walking on yet another section of the ubiquitous Downs Link Path 🙂

(Yep…we like sign posts today for some reason)

6 thoughts on “Janathon day 9: done

  1. Sorry about your bumper! I wish it wasn’t so damned cold here so I could get some walking in, but at least I’m falling back in love with Fitness Blender. What a truly awesome site. The variety of workouts is never ending!


    1. Thanks 🙂 i misjudged the width of my own driveway!
      It is a shame you cant get outside! It is not that cold here considering it is january!
      I need to look harder at the fitness blender site!


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