Janathon day 11: done

It’s Sunday it’s 10am it’s time for Pilates! 😀 😀
First Pilates of the year and I loved it! I have not been since between Christmas and new year which now seems so long ago!
As I have mentioned before (just up there for a start!) I love Pilates! It is so good, much better than my attempts at yoga!
Here is a picture of today’s class…
Can you tell it is January!?

Yes I have chicks on my socks…so what 😛

The next thing on the agenda was the purchase of new lightweight walking boots for the walk training.
Mine are heavy leather and designed for mountains…
My new ones are the lightest boots I have ever worn and are immensely comfortable!
So with new boots what else was there to do but go for a walk!
I went for 9km with my husband who also had new boots 🙂
(I’ll give you one guess the path we walked down…I’ll give you a clue it starts with D L P)


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