Janathon day 12 (Insanity max 30 day 1): done

Oh my goodness!!

Remember last summer when I did insanity, and it was soooo hard?

Remember when Insanity was the hardest workout ever put on DVD?

Well today I started Shaun T’s new workout which is harder than Insanity! It is more intense it is more crazy and it is awesome!!

Today (day 1) was Cardio Challenge and it was just that!! There were no real “less intense” exercises to recuperate in! It was all go all the time!! The upside to this is it only lasts 30mins a very intense fall down and land in a puddle of sweat 30 mins!!
The cool down / stretch is extra too so it really is 30 mins!

The idea of this is you keep going as long as you can and the first time you have to take a break (short break!!) is when you max out and you record the time then get back into the work out as soon as possible!
The theory is you will go for longer before you max out as you progress!
I maxed out at 6 mins 44 seconds!
This gives me a lot of room for improvement!!
The slightly gratifying thing is the people in the DVD starred maxing out at 7mins 30s
(Yes I know they could be faking it to make people feel better, but from the look of it they aren’t!!)

I’ll keep you posted about the rest of the workouts but so far I love it!!

9 thoughts on “Janathon day 12 (Insanity max 30 day 1): done

  1. I have heard awesome things about the Insanity Max from a lot of my friends. Your first day max out time is actually quite fabulous in terms of what I’ve heard from others, so you should be pretty proud! I’m sure by the end of your 30 days you will be powering through the whole thing!

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    1. 😀 i am looking forward to the rest of the workouts, in a wierd also terrified sort of way!!
      I will reveiw each one and also do a rundown of somenof the most crazy moves at some point 😀


    1. the legs are finally a lot better 🙂

      the yoga helped, mush as I hate to admit it!

      funnily enough the insanity stuff, although really tough on the legs, doesn’t tighten them up in the same way as running!


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