Janathon day 13 (insanity max 30 day 2): done

Today started off with an awesome PT session which involved a lot of kickboxing and some 90kg deadlifts
😀 woohoo these make me happy!! There is nothing like a 90kg deadlift to start your day off well!!
There was also a BOSU sequence a kettlebell sequence and some vipr work!
Lots of my favourite things all before work even started 😀 😀


And then there was Insanity max 30 day 2. I did this in the evening, and I made the mistake of waiting until after I had eaten!
Do not do this!!
It will hurt!
Other than that the workout is awesome but sooo hard!!
I have mentioned before how awesome tabata is. Day 2 of this insanity is called Tabata power. It is basically tabata for 30 mins rather than 4 mins!! That combines with Shaun T’s awesome plyometric moves makes this a workout to be reckoned with!!
Here are a lot of strength moves and a core section interspersed with lots of plyometric stuff! It is awesome!!
I maxed out today at 6 mins 40 seconds! But as the man says that is on, you just have to get back in it as soon as possible!!


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