Janathon day 14 (Insanity max 30 day 3): done

I did it!!


I am getting much better at this!!

Morning workouts I mean!!

I got up at 6am and din my insanity max 30 work out πŸ˜€

Yes…you are right…that really is insanity!!
Today’s work out was called sweat intervals, and boy was it aptly named!!
It was like the cardio challenge…only somehow more so! There were strength moves mixed in but they were still cardio and there was (as usual) a lot of plyometric stuff!
The thing I have forgotten to mention so far about these workouts is that there is a modifier person in the workout, that is a person doing a slightly lower impact version of the move. I have to admit I did follow them on a couple of occasions! But there is no shame at all in that. I’ll tell you, they might be modifying, but they are by no means doing easy moves!
So that was before work πŸ˜€


After work there came dancing πŸ™‚ we were practicing for our next wassail on Friday and we have to practice to maintain our level of awesome!
There was a lot of dancing this week!!
I did:
Poison pie (x2)
Hunting dance
Foulmouth cat
Cauldron cracked (x3)
End of the world
Company of shadows

It was a lot of fun!!

(Sorry Nancy…there was no monkey spanking this week either!)

6 thoughts on “Janathon day 14 (Insanity max 30 day 3): done

  1. p.s. I was just thinking (as I took on a few of the modifier moves in my Fitness Blender HIIT workout today) how challenging some workouts are, even with the lower impact option. Drenched in sweat here too!

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    1. If i am doing it at 6:30 am i use the modifier for the first roind it the warm up…then jump after than as my legs need to wake up! I then use it (after maxing out…) when the alternative ia standing still!!


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