Janathon day 16 (insanity max 30 day 5): done

Friday fight round 1

That is the name of today’s Insanity max 30 workout!

And fight it was! It was a fight between body and mind, to tell your body to keep going when all you really want to do is go back to bed!!

It is designed to be harder, it is designed to push you and it really does! There are only 3 30s breaks in the whole 30mins!
It is crazy, but it is awesome!!


8 thoughts on “Janathon day 16 (insanity max 30 day 5): done

      1. Day 5 of my 5-day fitness blender series was hard in a weird way. It was supposed to be a brutal leg workout but I found it more of a cardio challenge (though legs are still feeling highly engaged at the moment, 2 hours later…)

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