Pandas only think they can’t do mornings!

I have mentioned it before, I will no doubt mention it again, but I don’t like getting out of bed.

I have come to realise that it is not mornings as such that I dislike, it is the transition from asleep to awake.

I hate this transition, whether it is 5:30 am, 8 am of 7pm when I fall asleep on the sofa.

I don’t think this picture is relevant…apart from that is slightly like how I feel when I am trying to pretend I am still asleep… mostly I just liked it!

Every time I wake up I don’t want to, I am grumpy and want to stay asleep…the length of time I have been asleep for makes no difference at all.

(bear with me…there is a point to this I promise…it is not just an “I don’t like waking up” rant, that would be odd!)

I don’t even mind being awake, once I am up and my brain has adjusted to the fact that I am vertical and moving my arms and legs about, it is actually ok. I just have difficulty convincing myself to make the transition before I absolutely have to!

I have been trying for ages to work out a way to convince myself to get up, ways to trick myself and motivate myself and force myself out of bed.

And I couldn’t.

Until I did.

I have worked out in the morning 4 days last week, and every day so far this week which for me is a significant improvement!!

I thought about what changed, and really nothing in me has changed, I still hate that transition.

I just did it.

I told myself that I had no choice and I got up and I worked out!

Once I had done it a couple of times I realised that I actually felt better after a workout than a lie in (by lie in I mean 7am rather than 6 am). I was more awake, and more productive.

that is pretty much it...
that is pretty much it…

I realised that there are no tricks to it, there are no magic leap out of bed pills.

You just have to get up and get on with it!

I still ave about 10 mins of doubt and argument with myself just as I am walking up, but I normally win now.

I tell myself that waking up at 7 is no better than waking up at 6 and I will still have to work out later…

All my previous declarations of not being a morning person were just excuses.

I told myself that if I wanted to do it, I would do it.

Finding something that gives you a really good workout in a relatively short time helps too…

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are real reasons why morning workouts don’t work for everyone, I understand that if you start work at 6 or have a very long commute it is not going to be possible. But for me, I had no real reasons all I had were excuses and I reminded myself of my policy of not making those any more.

So here I am a person who now does Insanity Max 30 before I go to work!!

Who’d a thought it!!

It is worth a try…after all there are so many benefits, you know like increasing your metabolism for the day and having more time in the evenings and of course you get to feel unbelievably smug throughout the day!

yes…there is that…

The other benefit of being smug and telling everyone you work out in the morning and blogging about it is that you have more impetus to carry on.

Imagine how bad it will be now if I have to write a post next week about how much I like sleeping and that I was basically wrong!

Yes this is me reminding myself that I have no choice now!

8 thoughts on “Pandas only think they can’t do mornings!

  1. I struggle so hard getting out of bed in the morning. Then once I do, I still need an hour to not do anything before I feel like I can function. If I DO workout right away however, I know I feel much better. It’s the matter of digging up that motivation. Ugh. Glad you got it 🙂 Great job this week!

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  2. How awesome that you have felt that it was worth getting up for! I always loved morning workouts because it gives so much energy for the day but as I already get up at 6am to go to work, I just can’t do it earlier. After all, sleep is important too!

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